03 December 2017

Where is the HIV vaccine? It is a fair question, is it not?

01 December 2017

Is a cure for HIV on the horizon, and what does cure, in the context of HIV, really mean?

21 February 2017

There's a pill that can prevent HIV: don't you think it should be available?

03 October 2016

How circumcision cuts the risk of HIV infection and other diseases

14 December 2015

What goes into a standard vaccine, and how do we know they are safe?

09 October 2014

This week the scientific Nobel prizes have been awarded, just as the Ebola death toll passes 7000.

12 July 2013

Can I catch infectious diseases from my dog? And can they catch infections from me?

30 June 2007

There are five million new cases of HIV internationally every year, and the virus is second only to tobacco as the...

15 June 2005

This article looks at how influenza (flu) was discovered, how influenza spreads, infects people, and grows, how to...