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05 February 2016

Darwin’s theory of evolution underpins all of biology from the intricate workings of a cell to the fascinating...

28 January 2016

Researchers are getting ready to test a tobacco-powered aeroplane thanks to a new bio jet fuel...

21 January 2016

Musicians are best at following conversations in loud places, and brain scans are revealing how this can be used to...

18 January 2016

The world you can see around you is just a tiny slice of the Universe, will we ever find the rest of the cake?

14 January 2016

Sea sponges could be used on an industrial scale to soak up pesticides, lead and even dangerous bacteria from Europe’s...

07 January 2016

Scientists are using diamonds to uncover what makes up the earth's core.

04 January 2016

Should you New Year's resolution be to eat more Brussel sprouts? Discover the health benefits of the humble veg...

22 December 2015

A greater scientific understanding of consciousness is allowing researchers to quantify exactly how conscious we are at...

17 December 2015

Researchers are using fMRI scanners and specially designed questions to decode your mind, and it’s helping them unpick...

14 December 2015

What goes into a standard vaccine, and how do we know they are safe?

10 December 2015

Galaxies aren’t as massive as computer simulations suggested they should be – and now scientists have one explanation...

03 December 2015

100 years ago, Einstein's theory of general relativity changed the world. Before that though, came special...

05 November 2015

Does symmetry lie at the route of all modern theories?

29 October 2015

As well as unique fingerprints, we might be identifiable by a personalised bacterial cloud.

22 October 2015

The seven greatest unsolved mysteries in the mathematical world: solve them and win $1million!

15 October 2015

A look inside one of the most spectacular feats of engineering: the jet engine.

08 October 2015

Vampires might be on to something: does the key to reversing aging lie in our blood?

01 October 2015

Trains are one of the most 'green' forms of travel, but how can we make them even more energy efficient?

24 September 2015

What is the purpose, if any, of pain? Would we be better off without it?

24 September 2015

Follow Rosie's time with the Naked Scientists in this weekly diary

17 September 2015

Can we manipulate DNA to create "living factories" for a greener tomorrow, or is this technology beyond our...

27 August 2015

Not the bees! Where do they disappear to during the colder months?

20 August 2015

Could we vaccinate people to prevent them from becoming addicts?

13 August 2015

How do we know where planes are in the sky, and why do we occasionally lose them?