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01 June 2016

How the Nazis were stopped from obtaining "heavy water", an ingredient key in making an atomic bomb.

26 May 2016

Could we use nature’s own resources instead of pesticides to increase yields?

23 May 2016

Is it possible to prevent the ever increasing floods, or do we just have to learn to live with them?

19 May 2016

Warmer winters and drier summers might even be having an effect on your favourite bottle of wine.

16 May 2016

How much do you really know about the flu?

12 May 2016

A single nerve that runs from the brain to the gut may hold the key to treating obesity.

05 May 2016

It's not just your pet cats and dogs that have their own personalities...

04 May 2016

An opinion piece on the scientific arguments being put forward for 'Brexit'.

21 April 2016

Intensive bouts of meditation have an immediate and visible impact on practitioners’ sleeping brainwaves...

14 April 2016

A new device is helping police train their brains to make better decisions in risky situations...

07 April 2016

Can games increase your empathy or boost your mental health?

01 April 2016

Are electric cars the future of transport? And can they really reduce pollution?

31 March 2016

By combining the power of computers and theoretical physics, researchers believe they can build a human behaviour...

24 March 2016

Your smartphone could become part of a city-wide safety network that can track down stolen goods and warn you if you’re...

24 March 2016

Is gluten really something we should all be cutting from our diets? And just what causes coeliac disease?

17 March 2016

European researchers are helping humans get to Mars by developing faster engines, solar forecasts and better shielding.

15 March 2016

A new way of looking at life considers it a set of self regulating chemical reactions.

10 March 2016

A nutritional drink has been shown to conserve memory in people with early stage Alzheimer’s, indicating that it could...

04 March 2016

Low-cost machines that can be taught by simply guiding their arms mean that automation is coming...

25 February 2016

Beetles, wasps and flies could be at the forefront of the next agricultural revolution...

18 February 2016

Technology is helping halt the wave of fake drugs and their often lethal consequences.

16 February 2016

Various fields of physics predict we might live in a "multiverse"...

11 February 2016

New CCTV software can recognise people based on their anatomy or on the way they walk.

05 February 2016

The world’s hardest natural material also has the most enthralling sparkle – these two properties mean that tiny...