And the winners are...

Who deserves the glory?
23 June 2020

Interview with 

Beth Singler, Mat Bothwell, Olivia Remes, Ljiljana Fruk, University of Cambridge


A first place trophy.


Our panel: chemist Ljiljana Fruk, astronomer Matt Bothwell, AI athropologist Beth Singler, and mental health expert Olivia Remes, have all put in a valiant effort in our quiz, but who has won. Adam Murphy and Phil Sansom reveal the scores

Adam - Right? I think Phil, the time has come. Would you be able to do us the honour of revealing the final scores?

Phil - Can I please get a gentle radio drum roll? Yes. Excellent. Contributors drumroll please. Alright. Team number two have got five points and team number one have got 12 and a half points. So, many congratulations.

Adam - That is a resounding team one. Our winning team, Ljiljana and Matt, how do you feel about pulling that win out of the bag?

Ljiljana - I am delighted that, you know, I could play it first of all, with Matt. I'm so sorry about the rhinos, Matt I will remember that now forever.

Matt - I didn't actually know the answer. I was trying to out think the people that write the quiz.

Adam - And, how do you feel, you've broken a streak now Matt, do you feel sad that that streak has gone somehow?

Matt - Yeah. I'm going to look back fondly on my losing days ,but yeah, it feels nice to win. I think I could get used to this.

Adam - Wonderful. And Beth and Olivia. Absolute commiserations. How do you feel?

Phil - And also for an excruciatingly, terribly hard quiz, that you triumphed with some incredible answers on. What are your thoughts? Were you robbed?

Beth - No, no, absolutely not. No. I think, I think I learned a lot actually. I think very well done to team one.

Olivia - Yeah, absolutely. And we had a lot of fun doing it.

Phil - Just an excellent attitude. Were there any standout questions for you?

Beth - I wanted the robot question!

Phil - Noted for next time.

Adam - I did think ahead. Maybe I shouldn't give the robot question to the AI expert.

Phil - Olivia, any for you?

Olivia - I don't know. I enjoyed all the questions, maybe throw in some mental health questions next time, and then we can up our score a little bit. So robot questions and mental health.

Phil - Cater to specialty.

Adam - Yes. Give them exactly the questions they want us to give them. We'll keep that in mind. What about you Matt and Ljiljana? Any particular highlight questions there for the two of you?

Ljiljana - I enjoyed the chimpanzee questions. We didn't get anything right, but it was an interesting experiment.

Matt - That's exactly what I was going to say. I could do a whole quiz of chimpanzee noises. It was fantastic.

Adam - Right. So we will keep that in mind for next month. The questions will be nothing but chimpanzees, exclusively chimpanzee noises. And you're going to have to guess a chimpanzee deciding it's had a bad day getting to work late, things like that. We're going to make it real weird.


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