04 April 2017

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05 January 2017

Why laughing is good for your mind, body and soul.

04 January 2017

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29 December 2016

What constitutes a "good" dance?

15 December 2016

How can we ensure that minority backgrounds are fairly represented in science?

15 December 2016

Fossil footprints reveal that some of our human-like ancestors could have been taller than we thought.

28 November 2016

Would aliens necessarily have DNA, like we do?

14 November 2016

Indira Raman offers her perspective on being a scientist who is a woman...

08 November 2016

What do you study when researching skeletons that span millions of years?

08 November 2016

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08 November 2016

Could the discovery of fire have been the cause of man's big brain?

08 November 2016

Is the ability to believe in ritual and religion proof of a higher form of intelligence? Possibly not if Lee's...

08 November 2016

Is our obsession with social networks and relationships the one thing that makes us special?

24 October 2016

We face our fears and head into the dark to find out when it all began...

18 October 2016

Could a bunch of computer programmers be the answer to the illegal wildlife trade?

27 September 2016

A new genetic test may allow us to start treating heart disease years before any symptoms emerge.

13 September 2016

Is it nature or nuture that determines our grades?

31 August 2016

A large scale study reveals how human height has changed in the last 100 years...

30 June 2016

How humans have migrated around Africa in the last 10,000 years

19 April 2016

The latest from the British 'Pompeii'...

15 March 2016

Synchronising comes naturally to humans, from the way we breath to the way we walk, is it the secret to our success?

02 February 2016

One way to tackle food security is by changing consumer behaviour, but how do we go about doing this? Let's learn...

25 January 2016

A burial site discovered near Cambridge has provided DNA evidence to unpick the history of the UK.

11 January 2016

When it comes to hayfever or any other allergies, you can blame your neanderthal ancestors...