16 October 2018

What's the point of investigating the Neolithic?

16 October 2018

How did the Neolithic invent farming?

16 October 2018

What would village life have been like 10 000 years ago?

16 October 2018

How realistic was Indiana Jones?

16 October 2018

What did the neolithic do with their animal bones?

14 August 2018

Can an archaeological dig help to treat PTSD?

14 August 2018

Where are the bodies of the 50,000 people who died at Waterloo?

14 August 2018

How are the Waterloo Uncovered team uncovering the archaeology of the battlefield?

17 April 2018

The human history behind a newly discovered middle finger bone.

13 February 2018

Drawings on rocks reveal the mystery of the first modern humans.

02 January 2018

What did Homo Naledi's brain look like?

20 November 2017

Enjoy a glass of wine? So did our neolithic ancestors...

14 November 2017

What number is bigger? Tastebuds on a human tongue, or the number of stone blocks used to build the giant pyramid?

14 November 2017

Who built the Pyramids? And who was buried in them?

10 October 2017

Can we extract DNA from ancient samples?

24 August 2017

How an ancient Babylonian tablet has finally given up its 3,700-year-old mysteries.

16 May 2017

A new discovery sheds light on the appearance of Homo naledi and when these ancient human relatives were alive.

13 April 2017

DNA tests can reveal your ancestry, as well as any skeletons your family may have in the closet!

21 February 2017

Archaeological evidence suggests that a young woman from ancient Troy died from a pregnancy-related infection

07 October 2016

Fragments of ancient proteins are preserved in ostrich eggshells...

06 May 2016

The mid-1800s saw East Anglia's own 'gold' rush but instead of prevcious metals, they were hunting...

19 April 2016

The latest from the British 'Pompeii'...

14 September 2015

The discovery of a new species of human ancestor, called Homo naledi, has been unveiled by scientists in South Africa...