20 November 2017

How do bacteria evade antibiotics?

07 November 2017

Does your microbiome play a role in how well you respond to cancer treatment?

18 September 2017

Could bacteria be conspiring with cancer to block the action of chemotherapy drugs?

12 September 2017

Why don't we have enough antibiotics, and what can we do about it?

18 July 2017

Our lives ultimately depend upon some of the smallest life forms on Earth - the constituents of the ocean microbiome.

18 July 2017

The sea urchin may be a good model for understanding how immune responses work in humans and other vertebrates.

18 July 2017

Mutations in a single gene can affect whether some bio-luminescent bacteria will make good partners for squid.

27 June 2017

Bacteria can evade antibiotics not just through resistance, but by dormancy - effectively switching off. But for how...

15 June 2017

For a tuberculosis infection to progress, around 50 bacterial cells need to infect a single immune cell.

30 May 2017

Where is the oldest evidence of life on earth?

25 April 2017

How do some bacteria evade the stomach's defence mechanisms to cause trouble in the gut?

25 April 2017

In our colon is a previously unrecognised organ made up of trillions of microbes.

25 April 2017

Most of us know that too much sugar is bad for our teeth, but why? Looks like bacteria are to blame.

21 February 2017

Archaeological evidence suggests that a young woman from ancient Troy died from a pregnancy-related infection

21 February 2017

Could seagrass hold the key to cleaning up our oceans?

29 December 2016

Will the alcohol kill off any Salmonella in my eggnog?

05 December 2016

Instead of using antibitiocs, could we give bacteria a virus? Would that overcome the resistance problem?

05 December 2016

We've only had anitbiotics for 100 years; we survived up until then, so surely we can do so again?

05 December 2016

Your prescription to help stop antibiotic resistance...

28 November 2016

Could your gut bugs be playing a role in how your DNA is being expressed?

18 October 2016

Why does Haiti have a cholera epidemic?

27 September 2016

A new 3D printed microscope could provide a low cost way to test for waterborne diseases.

17 June 2016

On the hunt to discover how the patient died, the pathologist turns to the brain...

13 June 2016

Heart development can provide important clues into how it works, and also what can go wrong.