13 June 2016

Heart development can provide important clues into how it works, and also what can go wrong.

25 May 2016

Emerging research suggests that the bacteria in your stomach could be influencing your mood...

13 February 2016

Back in July 2012, science writer Nell Barrie and I discussed the implications of the discovery of CRISPR.

08 February 2016

Kat Arney been peeking out from under her brolly to tackle another mythconception. This week, will going out with wet...

19 January 2016

Those of us with western diets are missing some diversity in our gut bacteria. What might have caused this, and could...

03 January 2016

For my final interview, I’ve picked this one from July 2012, with Dr Tiffany Taylor from the University of Reading.

12 November 2015

A mathematical model has been used to explore different approaches to minimising antibiotic resistance.

06 October 2015

Just four microbes could be the difference between whether someone develops asthma or not.

13 September 2015

And finally, it’s time for our gene of the month, and this time - Oh my God, they killed Kenny!

03 August 2015

You might think it’s the weather getting you down, but could bacteria be to blame for some of the symptoms of...

07 July 2015

A study on young mice suggests that antibiotic use might be making children more likely to become obese.

22 June 2015

Modern scientific techniques have led to discoveries about the cause of the plague that our ancestors couldn't...

22 June 2015

In the 16th Century, it was believed that bad smells carried the plague, and this led to some weird and wonderful...

11 May 2015

Three billion journeys are made by air every year. Are these passengers cruising for an infectious bruising?

17 April 2015

Where there's beer, there's bacteria! Molecular forensics cna be used to follow bugs around breweries to...

09 March 2015

Whole genome sequencing is providing new insights into the spread of different lineages of TB

02 March 2015

What was growing on the hands of the Naked Scientists? And how effective is hand washing at dislodging these microbial...

02 February 2015

Neurologists are starting to look at gut bugs because there may be a link between your microbiome and your mental state...

02 February 2015

How does our intestinal microbial spectrum compare with what lived in our ancestors' intestines?

02 February 2015

The mouth is infested with microbes, so how many bugs do we swap with a kiss?

02 February 2015

Your own cells are outnumbered by the bacteria living in and on you. Meet your microbiome!

23 December 2014

Some bacteria can survive and thrive despite not having a cell wall.

02 October 2014

Bacteria and fungal cells join forces to cause rice seedling blight.

02 October 2014

Why do some yeast cells grow old whereas others do not?