02 February 2015

The mouth is infested with microbes, so how many bugs do we swap with a kiss?

02 February 2015

Your own cells are outnumbered by the bacteria living in and on you. Meet your microbiome!

23 December 2014

Some bacteria can survive and thrive despite not having a cell wall.

02 October 2014

Bacteria and fungal cells join forces to cause rice seedling blight.

02 October 2014

Why do some yeast cells grow old whereas others do not?

25 September 2014

The latest in the fight against antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

26 August 2014

Bacteria are getting more and more resistant to antibiotics like penicillin. A way around this might be to use viruses...

08 August 2014

The microbes inside of our stomachs may be affecting our mood, and even behaviour...

04 August 2014

Can we solve the threat of antibiotic resistance by learning more about the structure of bugs?

04 August 2014

We answer your questions on what Ebola is, how it spreads and its symptoms...

18 July 2014

When bacteria or viruses become extinct this is usually a cause for celebration, but can we ever be sure that they are...

10 June 2014

How the parasite that causes sleeping sickness keeps one step ahead of its host.

10 June 2014

Krishnāa Mahbubani has been developing a way to put vaccines into suspended animation so they don’t need...

10 June 2014

Bacteria can produce spores, natural packages which last for hundreds of years. Can we use these to keep drugs on the...

27 May 2014

Billions of bugs are already on and inside a baby within the first few days of life - but where do they come from? We...

04 April 2014

The Hawaiian bobtail squid and V. fischeri bacteria use a chemical conversation to establish a close working...

04 April 2014

Single mutations in three genes can increase the ability of E. coli to survive ionizing radiation by a factor of 1000.

04 March 2014

Bacteria employ a sophisticated method to ensure that they swim in a particular direction.

06 January 2014

Can mathematics model the evolution of altruistic microbes that make molecules benefiting other bugs?

06 January 2014

Contrary to prevailing wisdom, antibiotic-resitant typhoid bugs grow better than their unmutated counterparts...

10 December 2013

Different environments harbour different micro-organisms. So how does this affect fish species?

01 December 2013

The gut microbiota of patients with rheumatoid arthritis is enriched in microbes belonging to the Prevotella genus.

26 November 2013

Bacteria incorporating ancient DNA from a woolly mammoth into their genome and implications for antibiotic resistance...

30 October 2013

A new phylum of bacteria are uncovered in the human intestine...