04 March 2014

Bacteria employ a sophisticated method to ensure that they swim in a particular direction.

06 January 2014

Can mathematics model the evolution of altruistic microbes that make molecules benefiting other bugs?

06 January 2014

Contrary to prevailing wisdom, antibiotic-resitant typhoid bugs grow better than their unmutated counterparts...

10 December 2013

Different environments harbour different micro-organisms. So how does this affect fish species?

01 December 2013

The gut microbiota of patients with rheumatoid arthritis is enriched in microbes belonging to the Prevotella genus.

26 November 2013

Bacteria incorporating ancient DNA from a woolly mammoth into their genome and implications for antibiotic resistance...

30 October 2013

A new phylum of bacteria are uncovered in the human intestine...

30 October 2013

Can bacterial fingerprints reveal when and where a person died?

21 October 2013

Protein aptamers against resistance mechanisms in bacteria resensitises resistant bugs to old antibiotic agents...

21 October 2013

Using genetic techniques, scientists are screening for new drug molecules to which bacteria struggle to develop...

21 October 2013

Rapid DNA-sequencing technology can be used to identify quickly the bacteria responsible for causing an infection...

21 October 2013

New technologies that can rapidly read the DNA sequences of bacteria can be used to study how different bugs move...

21 October 2013

What is the size of the superbug problem we face, and how did antibiotic-resistant bacteria arise?

21 October 2013

Viruses called phages which can attack the Clostridium difficile - C. diff - bacterium are being developed by...

11 September 2013

Environmental campaigners are worried about a badger cull intended to restrict the spread of TB. But what can models...

04 August 2013

Differences in genetic makeup has a big effect on childhood susceptibility to infections, as Professor Mike Levin...

04 August 2013

Why do some people fight off infections easily while others become seriously ill? The answer is in our genes, as Dr...

16 July 2013

How does the immune system detect form pathogens - virus and bacteria - at the molecular level?

16 June 2013

How did multicellular life evolve? Ancient ancestors of ours, the choanoflagellates, might give us a clue...

23 May 2013

How do bacteria and viruses which cause diseases in plants manipulate sapsucking insects for their own ends?

09 May 2013

We investigate the new wave of extensively drug-resistant TB, where did it come from and is it treatable?

02 May 2013

Professor Anders Hakansson discusses how a a naturally occurring protein in breast milk is being used to strike a blow...

25 April 2013

New biofuel from gut-bugs - Dr. Love discusses the potential of E. Coli as the next fuel generator.

04 April 2013

New research investigates whether gut bacteria changes following gastric bypass surgery can be transplanted into other...