Interviews about Biology

Interviews about genetics, ecology and evolution, insects, mammals, marine science, plants and zoology...

27 September 2021

The seasons are changing, so we're quizzing our experts with questions about change

20 September 2021

Researchers have successfully toilet trained cows to protect the planet and repurpose their urine

14 September 2021

From upside-down rhinos to analysing cat-human interactions, the science that 'makes you laugh, then think'

13 August 2021

A well-known flower is actually a carnivorous plant, hidden in plain sight...

12 August 2021

By optimising their route-based mental maps as they go, black howler monkeys navigate just like us

10 August 2021

The identity of Nessie is an ongoing mystery...can eDNA solve it?

10 August 2021

If we can get whole genomes without even seeing the animal, is there anything eDNA can't do?

10 August 2021

Scientists can now piece together whole genomes from eDNA, opening up a realm of possibilities...

10 August 2021

We sampled the River Great Ouse for eDNA - what animals did it uncover?

10 August 2021

What if you could see which animals had been in an area just by testing the air?

10 August 2021

We looked for 'invisible' animals were in the River Great Ouse by taking an eDNA sample

10 August 2021

We talk to the researcher who established the field of eDNA about the moment he realised its potential

10 August 2021

Environmental DNA - what exactly is it?

30 July 2021

Drinking caffeine-laced sugar solution helps bees remember flowers they enjoyed

27 July 2021

Some mental gymnastics needed to win gold in our last test of mental agility...

20 July 2021

How are smelly molecules created on human skin, and should we really be washing it all off?

20 July 2021

Heating seabird wings indicates how darker feathers evolved to reduce energy expenditure on long flights

15 July 2021

Using DNA analysis to unpick pollen preference in bees...

15 July 2021

When given the option, dogs didn't reciprocate feeding the humans that fed them

13 July 2021

Why does nature produce hallucinogenic compounds? One study set out to uncover the answer...

08 July 2021

Otters have the thickest fur of any animal - as well as an incredible ability to make body heat...

01 July 2021

From their complex life cycle to their specialised mouth parts, and how to protect yourself from a bite

30 June 2021

An integrated map of the imaging, metabolic profiles and underlying gene expression patterns across the Alzheimer brain...

30 June 2021

A new way to use brain activity to quantify pain and therefore the effectiveness of pain relief...