18 September 2018

Can migratory species perceive magnetic fields, and use them to navigate?

24 August 2018

What genes control the plumage patterns of pigeons?

08 May 2018

Put the baguette down, it's mythconception time...

30 April 2018

What is affecting bird populations in South East England?

24 October 2017

We Brits are rather fond of a bird feeder, but what effect is this having on the UK Great Tit?

12 September 2017

Cuckoos are impersonating birds of prey to get their wicked way.

22 August 2017

Scientists have magnetised migrating reed warblers to find out how they navigate longitude, as well as latitude.

18 July 2017

US scientists have discovered that a drug that's already licensed for use in pregnancy can block the spread of...

21 March 2017

Understanding how birds talk to each other.

14 March 2017

Scientists have designed, from scratch, a large proportion of the yeast genome, which is a step closer to creating life...

05 January 2017

How do animals choose their leaders?

29 December 2016

Will the alcohol kill off any Salmonella in my eggnog?

29 December 2016

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29 December 2016

What happens to a hen's egg left soaking for a day or two in vinegar?

28 December 2016

Do bird's recognise each other's calls?

08 November 2016

How are Eurasian jays teaching us about what it means to be human?

24 October 2016

With the US presidential elections fast approaching, we see what we can learn from animals when it comes to picking a...

24 October 2016

Having evolved to live in the dark, many animals are now exposed to light 24/7. What effect does this have on them?

07 October 2016

Fragments of ancient proteins are preserved in ostrich eggshells...

11 September 2016

The Roslin Institute’s Lissa Heron is working with genetically modified chickens, meaning that their eggs can produce...

31 August 2016

Birds tune their light sensitive cells to maximise the number of colours they see...

26 July 2016

Humans and wild birds form a rare and ancient bond in the search for honey.

12 July 2016

When we think of wildlife we don't tend to consider old demolition sites prime habitats, but maybe we should give...