21 March 2017

Understanding how birds talk to each other.

14 March 2017

Scientists have designed, from scratch, a large proportion of the yeast genome, which is a step closer to creating life...

05 January 2017

How do animals choose their leaders?

29 December 2016

Will the alcohol kill off any Salmonella in my eggnog?

29 December 2016

Why do some people also enjoy a cold dip at Christmas?

29 December 2016

What happens to a hen's egg left soaking for a day or two in vinegar?

28 December 2016

Do bird's recognise each other's calls?

08 November 2016

How are Eurasian jays teaching us about what it means to be human?

24 October 2016

With the US presidential elections fast approaching, we see what we can learn from animals when it comes to picking a...

24 October 2016

Having evolved to live in the dark, many animals are now exposed to light 24/7. What effect does this have on them?

07 October 2016

Fragments of ancient proteins are preserved in ostrich eggshells...

11 September 2016

The Roslin Institute’s Lissa Heron is working with genetically modified chickens, meaning that their eggs can produce...

31 August 2016

Birds tune their light sensitive cells to maximise the number of colours they see...

26 July 2016

Humans and wild birds form a rare and ancient bond in the search for honey.

12 July 2016

When we think of wildlife we don't tend to consider old demolition sites prime habitats, but maybe we should give...

12 July 2016

With so many people living on this planet is it time to think about conservation in terms of them?

12 July 2016

How do animals respond when we build on their habitats?

08 February 2016

Burst muscle capacity is the key to manoeuverability for hummingbirds

03 January 2016

Another interview that has stuck in my mind is the chat I had with Professor Judith Mank from UCL on her work about the...

22 December 2015

Everyone enjoys an experiment. That's particularly true of Georgia Mills when she got Chris Smith to walk on...

08 December 2015

Starlings are beautiful birds but they've been dying in their thousands, what's behind this sad story?

20 November 2015

With training, pigeons did just as well as pathologists in distinguishing cancerous from healthy breast tissue samples.

08 September 2015

In the 1960s, only 5% of seabirds where found to have eaten plastic; now that figure has reached 90%.

13 June 2015

Helen Sang is working on developing GM chickens that can be made resistant to bird flu - a major global challenge to...