23 February 2015

Botox, one of the deadliest toxins ever discovered by humans, is found in off sausages, helps iron out wrinkles, and...

17 February 2015

Parkinson's Disease is extremely hard to diagnose but scientists have been trialing a breath test in mice, which...

09 February 2015

We explore how maths can define attraction, organise the wedding, and even help maintain love long-term!

09 February 2015

How sperm gear themselves up to fertilise an egg is very difficult to study. But now remote controlled sperm shed light...

07 February 2015

Researchers at Imperial College are unpicking how faults in a giant gene called Titin can cause heart disease.

06 February 2015

Light can be used to control the motility of sperm.

02 February 2015

Faecal transplants, or "transpoosions", might be a way to restore good bacteria to your insides. But will...

02 February 2015

Your own cells are outnumbered by the bacteria living in and on you. Meet your microbiome!

02 February 2015

The timing of a race during the day can seriously impact sporting performance, depending on whether you're an...

20 January 2015

Lucid dreaming is the ability to take control of your dreams. But how do you do it...?

14 January 2015

Our gene of the month sounds like a Scottish warrior - it's Braveheart

12 January 2015

Is your sofa killing you? Research is increasingly suggesting that our sedentary lifestyles are hugely detrimental to...

12 January 2015

Obesity is as high as 50% in some countries. Why are humans so prone to gaining weight, and are we going about losing...

16 December 2014

Christmas carolling is one of the traditions that really has stood the test of time. But how and why do we sing?

16 December 2014

Even for experienced cooks, Christmas dinner is a challenge. But how good (or bad) a meal tastes isn't all down...

15 December 2014

With the Christmas party season in full swing, some of us may be piling on the pounds. Could popping a pill melt away...

08 December 2014

How does an opera singer reach and hold the high notes?

24 November 2014

The 5:2 diet, or intermittent fasting, has become an increasingly popular strategy to achieve weight loss. But does it...

18 November 2014

What has the world response been to Ebola? Was it helpful? Was it proportionate?

18 November 2014

Where is the Ebola vaccine? Several candidate vaccines have now progressed to human trials and may soon be available...

04 November 2014

How do we know when we have eaten too much?

03 November 2014

We examine the science behind out-of-body experiences, and even induce one in an unsuspecting audience member!

27 October 2014

Scientists have developed a way to increase the effectiveness of a common diabetic drug - by shining light on it...

27 October 2014

How should you shape your nails? Physicists have been calculating the optimal frequency and shape to stop ingrown...