Cambridge Science Festival

What makes Cambridge Science Festival so special?
15 March 2016

Interview with 

Lucinda Spokes, The University of Cambridge


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It's time to take a little break in the competition because this show is just one of Cambrideg Science Festival Logohundreds of events at Cambridge Science Festival. Festival coordinator Lucinda Spokes explains just how big the festival really is...

Lucinda - We ran for 14 days; we have, this year, 350 events and we hope to reach at least 45,000 people.

So the theme is data and knowledge; we're collecting and generating so much more data than we've ever done in the past so, an interesting thing about whether all the data we collect makes us perhaps, cleverer.

It allows us to show some of the amazing science that we do here in Cambridge.  It allows us to work with partners from both within the University but also external to the University, and we hope that the University of Cambridge and all of our partners show the amazing scientific community that is here in Cambridge and allows us to share it with thousands of people.

What actually the festival gives is space, and a safe space for people to discuss scientific issues. We firmly believe, this is not us telling people about science, it's about engaging in a two-way conversation. So the things that are concerning people, the things that are interesting people, and subjects that concern and interest people, and giving people a face and a time to actually voice their opinions, their views, their excitement, their worries about some of the big advances in science that are happening today that will, potentially, change our future.


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