18 September 2017

Could bacteria be conspiring with cancer to block the action of chemotherapy drugs?

24 August 2017

How can spotting X rays from exploding stars help identify skin cancers?

14 August 2017

The immune system can be programmed to attack cancer, but it doesn't always work, and doctors work out why.

01 August 2017

New insights may help us understanding and target the spread of tumours.

11 July 2017

A new development in the fight against cancer.

04 July 2017

A new imaging technique makes better and faster diagnoses, even during surgery.

02 May 2017

How scientists are literally zooming in on cancer

02 May 2017

Is there a way to lower your risk of cancer by changing your genes?

02 May 2017

How do your genes affect your chances of getting cancer?

02 May 2017

What are tumours made from, and how can we destroy them safely?

02 May 2017

How does radiotherapy work, and where is it going in the future?

02 May 2017

Cancer is a global problem, but what is it and why is it so deadly?

11 April 2017

Growing miniature human organs in the lab using stem cells taken from an adult.

21 March 2017

Artificially-produced antibodies switch off tumour's "don't eat me" signal...

14 February 2017

Vaping seems to be safer than smoking, but is it causing more teenagers to take up the habit?

31 January 2017

AI did as well as a panel of doctors when searching for skin cancer.

31 January 2017

Should we really be avoiding burnt toast and roast potatoes?

05 December 2016

... and it could mean quicker diagnosis and better drug delivery.

14 November 2016

Elephants have extra copies of a gene that protects against cancer...

24 October 2016

Leukaemia can become resistant to chemo but scientists have been watching cells in real time to work out how they...

18 October 2016

A new brain implant can restore the sense of touch to patients with paralysis or prosthesis.

10 October 2016

It's time for our Gene of the Month, and this time it’s Pokémon - or rather, Zbtb7.

10 October 2016

Professor Nazneen Rahman has spent her career studying the genetic faults and variations that influence the risk of...