Carbon-friendly farming techniques

How can farms be optimised to sequester carbon, without sacrificing productivity?
31 August 2021

Interview with 

Becky Wilson, Farm Carbon Toolkit & Sophie Alexander, Hemsworth Farm


A red barn in a farmer's field


The Cambridgeshire Fens pose some unique challenges for farming in a carbon friendly way. But across the country, farmers are going to be vital as we push to make the UK net carbon zero by 2050. Agricultural land makes up about 70% of the land area in the UK; that’s a massive potential area for storing carbon. Becky Willson is the technical director for the Farm Carbon Toolkit, a farmer led organisation that’s translating all the carbon sequestration research into simple, practical management techniques that farmers can implement. She spoke with Sally Le Page who wanted to know, right now, do farms tend to be net emitters or net sequesters of carbon? And later, Sally spoke with Sophie Alexander of Hemsworth Farm, where she practises environmentally-friendly farming...


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