Interviews about Chemistry

Interviews about states of matter, gases, fuels, green chemistry, chemical reactions and nanotechnology...

10 November 2023

Why are we so profligate with a precious resource?

10 November 2023

Despite legal requirements to the contrary, banned substances are still cropping up in kitchen utensils and food...

06 October 2023

A nod to nanotechnology which harnesses the power of quantum physics...

29 September 2023

Analysing the markers we use to gauge age in adulthood can be misleading in the young...

01 September 2023

The scheme has come under scrutiny from some car users in the capital

01 August 2023

Where will hydrogen be implemented in our race to net zero?

01 August 2023

What are the current issues with hydrogen as a fuel source?

01 August 2023

Which areas do the backers of hydrogen want to invest in?

01 August 2023

How do we turn the most abundant element in the universe into a fuel source?

04 July 2023

The best way to discover animals is to study what they leave behind

06 June 2023

How has our understanding of fossil chemistry changed over time?

09 May 2023

Is the future of air travel battery powered?

09 May 2023

What are the steps needed to make even better batteries?

09 May 2023

What about batteries enabled them to integrate into every part of our lives?

09 May 2023

What is a power cell, and how does the chemistry work?

24 March 2023

Superglue could be used to recycle plastic into more useful products

24 February 2023

A mineral known as a 'Zircon' could shed light on the conditions that first formed life on Earth

10 February 2023

Indoor pollution is responsible for as many deaths as outdoor pollution, but goes unnoticed

07 February 2023

Can the nitrogen fixing abilities of peas be transferred into other crops?

27 January 2023

The 'plastic paradox' may be in part down to bacteria breaking down certain polymers

13 January 2023

A new system that can convert regular plastics and carbon dioxide into usable fuels...

10 January 2023

How will the panellists fare against our science quiz?