Interviews about Chemistry

Interviews about states of matter, gases, fuels, green chemistry, chemical reactions and nanotechnology...

26 April 2022

How do we produce so many flavours of coffee? An infamous local coffee shop spills the beans...

11 April 2022

Scientists are sniffing around the molecular makeup of pleasant scents...

21 March 2022

Is nuclear power the answer to our energy crisis?

21 March 2022

Lets meet and introduce you to your friendly neighbourhood nuclear reactor.

01 March 2022

Your quick guide to a history of sourdough...

24 February 2022

Nitric oxide has been found to be crucial to bodily functions, but how does it work?...

03 February 2022

We test our scientists on their knowledge of all things new through this nifty quiz...

25 January 2022

Life Kitchen is a cookery school for people whose taste has been affected, here's a recipe to try at home!

16 December 2021

Unpacking the science behind the perfectly packed snowball

14 December 2021

A new chemical has been identified to combat the extra pounds brought about by quitting smoking.

14 December 2021

How does the brain coordinate the release of the same hormone, from the same cells, in different places and at...

14 December 2021

Nanotechnology is much more common place than the impression given off by sci-fi films.

14 December 2021

The Sword of Damascus is said to be unbreakable thanks to the power of nanotechnology. How is this possible?

29 November 2021

Why have only 9% of plastics ever produced been recycled?

29 November 2021

Researchers are using microbial inks to 3D print living materials

29 November 2021

What makes plastic such a useful material?

29 November 2021

How much plastics come with your spaghetti bolognese and what are the emissions in those plastic wrappings?

23 November 2021

Food chemists have found a mushroom that makes wild strawberry flavour compounds

11 November 2021

It's time for a quiz to challenge our scientists on what they know about all things green.

09 November 2021

What are the best quick fixes you can do to help mitigate the crisis and play your part?

09 November 2021

Who's there, who isn't and what are we expecting to be addressed before the summit ends...

08 November 2021

What is the mood at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow? We went to find out...

02 November 2021

Microplastics in rivers show wastewater is not treated adequately