Interviews about Chemistry

Interviews about states of matter, gases, fuels, green chemistry, chemical reactions and nanotechnology...

22 January 2019

How do we learn about old masterpieces without damaging them?

15 January 2019

How can two very different cheeses be made from the same milk?!

15 January 2019

It’s not just us humans that take advantage of fermentation to enhance food. This biochemical process also happens in...

15 January 2019

We can use other microbes to unlock flavours and energy locked up chemically in harvested food.

15 January 2019

Soil isn’t just a source of water and minerals for plants; it’s a whole ecosystem teeming with microscopic life.

31 December 2018

We took to the seas, well the river Cam, to try the chemistry of wine with Alex Thom

23 December 2018

Can you tell the good stuff from the cheap stuff?

23 December 2018

The science behind cooking a delicious turkey...

23 December 2018

Can a boozy Christmas pudding get you drunk?

23 December 2018

Are you team goose fat or team olive oil?

29 October 2018

How can fluorescence be used to diagnose lung infections?

23 October 2018

New catalysts containing individual metal atoms can break strong carbon-fluorine bonds found in stable pollutants...

23 October 2018

Catalysts can be used to make synthetic liquid fuels which release less pollutants than conventional oil-derived...

23 October 2018

Nasty pollution comes out of our cars but Johnson Matthey have a clever catalyst to reduce it

23 October 2018

Enzymes, nature's catalysts, are essential for life. But what are they and how do they work?

09 October 2018

Find out which team were our Big Brains of the Week!

02 October 2018

Do anti-aging creams actually work?

02 October 2018

What are the products in the average make up bag actually made from?

02 October 2018

How do you know if you've had enough sun? Scientists are working on a wearable sensor...

11 September 2018

We had a quiz for our brainy panel!

28 August 2018

How does acidity make a wine taste better?

07 August 2018

How does medical cannabis work?

17 July 2018

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, how have planes evolved?

10 July 2018

How does sunscreen protect your skin?