Interviews about Chemistry

Interviews about states of matter, gases, fuels, green chemistry, chemical reactions and nanotechnology...

30 September 2007

Biocomposites, materials similar to plastics but made from biological material, could be the ideal replacement for...

16 September 2007

Being addicted to things is usually bad news but now there's evidence that getting hooked on chocolate might not...

29 July 2007

Coal without the miners and goats fighting chemical weapons - we catch up with Mark Peplow, editor of Chemistry World...

15 July 2007

Biodiesel is one option for powering cars of the future, but another fuel we could use is hydrogen. This has the...

15 July 2007

An alternative to growing crops to make biodiesel is to make use of existing biomass. James Dumesic spoke to Chris...

15 July 2007

For kitchen science, we sent Azi to find out how to make biodiesel from vegetable oil, and to prove that it really...

01 July 2007

We spoke to Chemistry World's Richard Van Noorden about how chemistry can help us quit smoking and hide the signs...

24 June 2007

Michael Watts on how to search for arsenic in contaminated land, and the impact on people's health

17 June 2007

We spoke to Dr Trevor Emmett, lecturer in Forensic Science at Anglia Ruskin University about what forensics is, an dhow...

17 June 2007

Azi Khatiri goes to a lab for a hair cut - to see if vegetarian hair is different to that of a carnivore, or if a rural...

10 June 2007

Serena Marks tells us how you might not lose the goodness of apples when making cider, and in fact that cider might be...

10 June 2007

Mark Peplow talks about the latest Chemistry news

20 May 2007

The eruption of the Laki fission in Iceland in 1783 led to sulphurous smog falling over Europe. It has been described...

20 May 2007

Azi Khatiri spoke to Rod Jones about how water molecules pair up into a dimer - and that this can be an even worse...

20 May 2007

Jonathan Shanklin was part of the team from the British Antarctic Survey who first discovered the hole in the ozone...

06 May 2007

Richard Van Noorden gives us the lowdown on some of the latest news in Chemistry

25 March 2007

Rising carbon dioxide levels usually make us think about the atmosphere, but new research shows that carbon dioxide...

11 March 2007

We discuss why cars have been failing all over the UK recently, and what was in their petrol to cause the problem.

18 February 2007

Mark looks at snakes, artificial kidneys and how LSD works.

14 January 2007

Labs on a chip and milk in tea,

17 December 2006

Anna looks at pigments and their sometimes surprising uses.

29 October 2006

The Naked Scientists spoke to Dr Alex Mischenko, Science Graduate of the Year and CTO of FerroEnergy

24 September 2006

The Naked Scientists spoke to A FUEL FOR THE FUTURE? - Professor Fraser Armstrong, Oxford University

24 September 2006

The Naked Scientists spoke to Emma Schofield, Johnson Matthey Technology Centre