Interviews about Chemistry

Interviews about states of matter, gases, fuels, green chemistry, chemical reactions and nanotechnology...

08 May 2018

You can place the tiny laser on contact lenses and banknotes.

17 April 2018

The Naked Scientists pop some bottles... All in the name of science!

17 April 2018

How do companies create the flavours we find in food?

27 March 2018

Our panelists go head to head and a lifesize (knitted) gut is passed round the studio.

13 February 2018

Catalytic Clothing - The jeans that remove air pollutants.

12 February 2018

Astronomers explore a planetary system very similar to our own.

06 February 2018

Here today... gone tomorrow?

30 January 2018

Could mini robots soon be delivering drugs to specific parts of our bodies?

23 January 2018

And get the recipe right every time!

23 January 2018

What instruments will be on board the James Webb Space Telescope?

09 January 2018

How do scientists identify killer compounds?

09 January 2018

Are there potentially poisonous compounds lurking our cupboards that we should be aware of?

22 December 2017

Britons have bought 47-million bottles of gin this year, but how is it made?

22 December 2017

WARNING: Jelly babies and gingerbread men were harmed in the making of this programme.

05 December 2017

We put our panel to the test with a quiz.

05 December 2017

Our panel of experts de-bunk some suspicious sounding science.

10 October 2017

What won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Chemistry?

19 September 2017

What chemicals can we find on the planets outside our solar system?

15 August 2017

Goldfish can survive the winter freeze using a genetic trick that allows them to convert lactic acid into alcohol.

01 August 2017

A look at bioremediation and how microbes may help us clean up nuclear waste.

18 July 2017

A team of real life spidermen at Cambridge University have invented a new, greener, cleaner form of artificial spider...

25 April 2017

Harnessing liquid water from water vapour in the air could help millions experiencing water shortages.

25 April 2017

Could detecting an atmosphere on an exoplanet suggest life outside our Solar System?

11 April 2017

Destroying the cells controlling the build-up of fat tissue causes mice to become obese with no change in diet.