Interviews about Chemistry

Interviews about states of matter, gases, fuels, green chemistry, chemical reactions and nanotechnology...

08 September 2015

The iridescent wings of a tropical butterfly could hold the key to developing new highly, selective gas detection...

02 September 2015

For most, science is defined by textbook assignments, but this is set to change. Will 15-year olds soon be publishing...

25 August 2015

Philae touched down on a comet back in 2014 but what has this revealed about the Kuiper Belt?

10 August 2015

Graphene has some truly exceptional properties. The real killer application will be in something totally novel, but...

10 August 2015

We have heard all the hype, but what is graphene actually doing for us right now? What are the current uses of this...

10 August 2015

Graphene has some impressive properties, but how do we actually make it commercially? What happens in a graphene-...

10 August 2015

Graphene was first isolated in 2004. Since then we have heard the hype, but what actually IS graphene? And why is...

03 August 2015

How do hormones help take you on a path to a gender? And what can disrupt this process?

07 July 2015

Explosives have been used for over 1000 years, but what makes an explosive and how do they work?

24 June 2015

Covalent bonds help bacteria stick to tissue.

22 June 2015

The Great Fire burned for 4 days and destroyed 13,000 houses. We investigate how it started, why it spread, and how...

04 May 2015

Falling ash and scorching pyroclastic flows are the most dangerous elements of an eruption. How do they work?

04 May 2015

Eruptions are dramatic events that tear apart mountains. But what is actually going on inside an erupting volcano?

21 April 2015

After a quick sniff women were able to tell if sweat had come from a happy man or not...

07 April 2015

Can you poor a cup of steaming hot tea from a teapot made entirely of chocolate?

07 April 2015

Could a chocolate bar become the next health food?

07 April 2015

How useless would a chocolate teapot be? Only one way to find out...

07 April 2015

Surprise friends with a weird, squishy egg that has lost the hard parts of its shell.

07 April 2015

Your school textbook got it wrong, it is possible to "unboil" an egg, and the process could have big...

26 March 2015

Testing for drugs and toxins in the body is vital to a solving whole host of crimes.

16 March 2015

Scientists have discovered how the kings of the colour-change, chameleons, alter their skin hue...

16 March 2015

Nice to sniff you? Scientists have shown that people sniff their fingers twice as often after a handshake...

13 March 2015

Light is fundamental to how we see, but what happens if our eyes can no longer detect light? Could we make bionic eyes...

02 March 2015

We couldn't live without electricity. Italian inventor Alessandro Volta discovered how to harness its power with...