Civil Engineering

07 June 2016

Making concrete accounts for 5% of GLOBAL carbon emissions, so is there a better alternative?

07 June 2016

What’s being done NOW to build environmentally sympathetic homes?

24 March 2016

If we can make artificially intelligent machines, they'll need a body, but that's not very easy...

21 December 2015

Computer coding and music seem like they're worlds apart but actually they're remarkably compatible as Kat...

30 November 2015

When the water rises, what can we do about it? Can we escape or do we need to learn to live with it?

12 October 2015

There's the radiation, the microgravity and even sound waves to think about when sending humans to the Red Planet.

21 July 2015

The Cambridge University Eco Racing team have unveiled their solar powered car, Evolution ahead of the World Solar...

20 October 2014

Waste is contaminating the river Thames. To stop this, a new super sewer is being built, and there are plans to take...

20 October 2014

Can we change wood at the molecular level to make it suitable for building "plyscrapers"?

23 September 2014

Does fracking contaminate our water supplies? And if so, is this down to the process itself or simply poor workmanship?

02 September 2014

The tokamak method isn't the only way to creat fusion, scientists are trying laser fusion...

11 March 2014

What can be done to reduce the risk of flood damage in future?

11 March 2014

What can cities do to reduce the risk of flooding? Professor Nigel Wright, from Leeds University, explains the Blue-...

11 March 2014

Jenny Mant, from the River Restoration Centre, explains how we manage river levels and how we can stop rivers from...

11 March 2014

How was a marsh turned into farmland centuries ago?

15 October 2013

What does tunnelling under big cities turn up for archaeologists?

15 October 2013

How did Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his father construct the first under-river tunnel?

15 October 2013

How do the tunelling machines digging a new underground train tunnel in London actually work?

28 February 2013

The new Antarctic research station, Halley VI, was designed with scientists in mind. But what are the challenges of...

09 July 2012

A unique and explosive demonstration has given people an opportunity to watch a supersonic high-explosive detonation...

01 July 2012

How can mathematical modeling make better buildings? Meera Senthilingham visited the newly refurbished Kings Cross...

26 June 2011

We explore how to detect damage and deterioration in bridges and other structures to keep them lasting longer...

30 January 2011

Whilst driving on motorways or busy roads at night, many of us will have noticed the small beacons of light in the...

07 December 2010

One of the outstanding problems in energy provision is how to store it in such a way that it can be accessed rapidly...