Climate Change

11 April 2017

Climate change will mean more energy in the atmosphere which is bad news for airline passengers...

28 February 2017

How much carbon could we save if we switched to reusable coffee cups?

28 February 2017

Does climate change bypass our fear circuits?

28 February 2017

What are tipping points, and why should we be worried about them?

28 February 2017

How one species is already feeling the pinch of rising temperatures.

28 February 2017

Does the Earth's tilt cause seasons?

31 January 2017

Why is there so much fake news out there, and how do we fight it?

29 December 2016

What happens to a hen's egg left soaking for a day or two in vinegar?

07 October 2016

The ways that plants respond to drought can be changed

13 September 2016

Will the new ban on microbeads make a difference?

26 July 2016

What are biofuels made from and are they any better than fossil fuels?

12 July 2016

Can we sell biodiversity to policy makers my showing it can make a profit?

13 June 2016

Pollution is one of the leading causes of heart disease, but why does it impact us in this way?

07 June 2016

The UN estimates that by 2050 up to 70% of us will be living in cities. How can we make them more sustainable?

26 April 2016

A look at what we can do to improve the environmental impact of shipping.

25 April 2016

If we're worried about carbon emissions of ships, shouldn't we just be hoisting the sails and returning to a...

11 April 2016

An overview of the threats faced by the world's endangered species, and why conserving them can be complicated...

02 February 2016

What does food security mean and why are we worried about it?

02 February 2016

Would you munch a mealworm or graze on a grasshopper? Welcome to the future of food.

08 December 2015

The 21st Conference of the Parties is gathering in Paris to discuss climate change but what can they do to save our...

08 December 2015

How much of climate change is an individual's responsability and what can we do?

08 December 2015

Mythconception: "Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning"

30 November 2015

When the water rises, what can we do about it? Can we escape or do we need to learn to live with it?

30 November 2015

When your home is flooded what are the risks, and why are developing countries hit harder and more often?