20 November 2017

What you "like" on social media could reveal more than you realise...

07 November 2017

How common are smart drugs, do they work and are they safe?

24 October 2017

In the future, electronic tattoos will monitor our health...

10 July 2017

Technology used by the Indian Space Agency comes down to Earth to help India's fisherman.

04 July 2017

There's new news on fake news; why is it so prolific?

23 May 2017

What happened in May 2017's cyber attacks?

16 May 2017

Is maths our best bet to communicate with aliens?

09 May 2017

In 2015, the "tears of joy" emoji made it into the Oxford Dictionary as the Word of the Year... But are...

09 May 2017

Could the language you speak affect the amount you smoke? Or how much you save for your pension?

09 May 2017

What are the advantages of being bilingual? And does it help us later in life?

02 April 2017

Plain-language summaries are making research more accessible to broader audiences

21 February 2017

A bias towards publishing positive results is making it harder to distinguish between true and false claims in science...

05 January 2017

Can you use science to get a date?

02 January 2017

What if we found life beyond the Earth?

02 January 2017

It may be light years away but scientists have developed a nifty way to see if planets around other stars could have...

05 December 2016

A new law means the UK government can see your internet browsing history but there has been a lot of opposition to the...

05 December 2016

Users are locked out of their machines and all their data is irreversibly encrypted unless they pay a large fee...

18 October 2016

Infection is one of the biggest risks from a trip to the hospital, so how is it minimised?

18 October 2016

As our health services face increasing demand could a new app help lessen the load?

10 October 2016

...and it was done by hacking people's web cams.

27 September 2016

The new gadget that could save lives.

31 August 2016

Researchers can benefit from making their research findings freely available online...

23 June 2016

The Russian's metal ball was propelled into orbit in 1957 and everyone watched with awe and unease...

07 June 2016

New technology is all well and good but in order to live truly sustainably do we need to change the way we live?