03 May 2016

New technology is changing the way we catch crooks, and phones are key in a lot of cases...

26 April 2016

As drones are getting more commonplace, has the law caught up?

19 April 2016

The Japanese team have lost contact with the quarter of a billion dollar satellite but what happened?

11 April 2016

Why are the FBI and Apple involved in a stand-off, and what does this mean for the average phone user?

29 March 2016

One day, satellites will help us explore the Moon and Mars...

29 March 2016

It's been over 50 years since this satellite launched and its long-since been decommisioned but what happens when...

29 March 2016

Why, when the rest of us have been sat in an economic downturn, has the satellite industry been booming?

29 March 2016

Europe's Galileo will soon be operational, providing us with much more accurate navigation but why do we need it?

29 March 2016

Space is one tough cookie to crack but there's now 3,000 satellites up there, so how have we done it?

24 March 2016

Currently, personal assistant robots are not the chattiest but one scientist at Cambridge is hoping to change that...

15 March 2016

Can we make circuits that are more flexible than silicon?

11 January 2016

Will flexible screens let us have Harry Potter style newspapers?

08 December 2015

Choose your mood and style, set your tempo, 20 seconds later this machine will give you a song, completely unique,...

08 December 2015

How easy is it to get a machine to do the job of a human producer?

08 December 2015

How can technology enhance creativity and performance? By making every movement a command.

08 December 2015

The digitalisation of music has profoundly impacted the workings of the music industry, but is this a bad thing?

17 November 2015

What can big data do and how has the cloud enabled the big data revolution?

17 November 2015

How much of our personal data are we sharing and should we be doing something to keep it more private?

27 October 2015

October 21 2015 is the day Marty McFly returns to in Back To The Future. But how much has this and other sci-fi...

24 August 2015

Google's open-source, modular phone has had to be delayed, but will we see more, similar products in future?

10 August 2015

Graphene has some truly exceptional properties. The real killer application will be in something totally novel, but...

13 July 2015

Connecting to public Wi-Fi could mean you hand over the keys to your personal data.

13 July 2015

When you go online, who is tracking your behaviour and why?

13 July 2015

Can a shift to digital records help hospitals use big data to improve health care?