18 October 2016

Could a bunch of computer programmers be the answer to the illegal wildlife trade?

18 October 2016

Infection is one of the biggest risks from a trip to the hospital, so how is it minimised?

18 October 2016

As our health services face increasing demand could a new app help lessen the load?

10 October 2016

...and it was done by hacking people's web cams.

27 September 2016

Could a light bulb be the latest in internet connectivity? Quite possibly...

20 September 2016

What will happen to all the data that has been collected by Gaia?

22 August 2016

From shadows on the wall to computer generated masterpieces, what's next for animation?

02 August 2016

The Solar Orbiter is going closer to the sun than we've ever sent anything before, but how do you design it to...

26 July 2016

Researchers may have found a tiny solution for storing big data.

26 July 2016

Are Teflon and Velcro really products of NASA's missions to space?

18 July 2016

How does VR work, and how is it set to change how we play games?

10 July 2016

Big data is the big thing in science right now, with researchers around the world generating and trawling through...

27 June 2016

A new supercomputer has been revealed as the fastest in the world...

26 April 2016

As drones are getting more commonplace, has the law caught up?

29 March 2016

One day, satellites will help us explore the Moon and Mars...

29 March 2016

Space is one tough cookie to crack but there's now 3,000 satellites up there, so how have we done it?

24 March 2016

Artificial intelligence seems like a long way off but should we considering its potential impacts now?

24 March 2016

Currently, personal assistant robots are not the chattiest but one scientist at Cambridge is hoping to change that...

24 March 2016

...and it's hiding in plain site. But where?

15 March 2016

Can we make circuits that are more flexible than silicon?

02 February 2016

Blueprints for 3D printed plastic guns may be released online - are these a threat to security?

11 January 2016

Will flexible screens let us have Harry Potter style newspapers?

22 December 2015

The Mi.Mu gloves control music with gesture and Connie Orbach was lucky enough to try them on.

21 December 2015

What do you do when someone hands you there favourite toy? Crash it of course!