16 September 2014

How opening email attachments could lead to leaking your personal data, plus what are the true costs of browsing the...

16 September 2014

Security should start at home. Unfortunately, it turns out that many of us are blissfully unaware that we’re leaving...

09 September 2014

How would you like to email your GP, a good idea or bad idea?

11 August 2014

Children in Britain are going to be taught computer programming in schools as part of the new curriculum in September.

11 August 2014

There's lots of both good and bad press surrounding video games. But what should we believe?

11 August 2014

Scientists have made origami-inspired robots that are capable of folding and unfolding themselves.

08 August 2014

Why do foods like lamb and mint sauce go so well together, while other combinations cause us to cringe?

01 August 2014

Using computer vision and machine learning to analyse photos of faces can assist in the diagnosis of rare genetic...

14 July 2014

Computer scientists at IBM have discovered a way to use food sales information to pinpoint the sources of food-...

17 June 2014

Scientists have teamed up with games developers to make Cascade - a video game which they hope can explain Alzheimer...

28 April 2014

One team changing how our homes might be built are DUS Architects in Amsterdam. They’re currently 3D printiting a whole...

28 April 2014

Scientists from Cambridge have unveiled a way to model on a computer, how all of Earth’s different ecosystems, actually...

25 March 2014

This week sees the launch of a new 43 Million pound supercomputer called ARCHER. But what will it be used for?

25 March 2014

We visited Mira, the fifth-fastest supercomputer in the world at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago

25 March 2014

Coding is being introduced into classrooms but will that mean more people studying it in higher education?

25 March 2014

2014 has been declared to be the Year of Code, but why has coding, and getting kids into computer science become so...

24 March 2014

We visit a bunch of fledgling coders at an after school coding club called 'The Park Street Hacker Elite'

26 February 2014

Blaise Thomson explains how he designs spoken language interfaces to allow computers to speak to us...

18 February 2014

Could computers ever have the power to predict our emotions and change them? or even to read our minds?

25 September 2013

Australian radio astronomers are asking volunteers at home to donate computer power to help process their data.

21 August 2013

Chris and Victoria visited the Australian Schools for Isolated and Distance Education, to find out about how children...

25 July 2013

As accurate as Haweye can be, will it ever replace officials?

25 July 2013

We have recently seen the emergence of technologies to help enforce the rules of various sports. We ask how Hawkeye...

06 June 2013

Ramsey Faragher tells us how smart phones can be used to track people in buildings to within a metre radius...