19 September 2017

Do head injuries from impact sports lead to Alzheimer's disease?

11 September 2017

Early changes in the brain indicate how severe epilepsy will be.

01 August 2017

A look at bioremediation and how microbes may help us clean up nuclear waste.

11 July 2017

A new development in the fight against cancer.

10 July 2017

A new technique to grow replacement bile ducts for patients with liver disease.

15 June 2017

We catch up on research into schistosomiasis that we first covered in episode 29...

15 June 2017

For a tuberculosis infection to progress, around 50 bacterial cells need to infect a single immune cell.

15 June 2017

A protein called TRP1 allows the parasites that cause malaria to move around inside mosquitoes.

15 June 2017

eLife Senior Editor Prabhat Jha explains to Chris Smith why public funding is key to tackling epidemics in low-income...

06 June 2017

Breakthroughs studying the zika virus could mean we can use it to treat brain cancer

13 April 2017

How much can your DNA tell you about your future health, and is this information a blessing or a curse?

14 March 2017

Scientists have completed a trial for the ebola vaccine on captive chimps, but could this be the last one?

28 February 2017

High levels of alcohol could come back to bite you, even if you cut down.

21 February 2017

With PrEP drugs unavailable from National health services for many, some are taking matters into their own hands.

21 February 2017

What is HIV, how do you catch the infection, and what could be behind the recent reduction in cases?

31 January 2017

What other uses could there be for optogenetics?

31 January 2017

Could optogenetics be used to treat human brain conditions?

31 January 2017

A pancreas transplant between a mouse and rat has reversed the symptoms of diabetes.

24 January 2017

This is a mental illness often associated with teenage girls but new research suggests otherwise.

16 January 2017

Gene editing is being used to tackle an inherited immune disorder that leaves people with serious infections.

29 December 2016

Will the alcohol kill off any Salmonella in my eggnog?

15 December 2016

A new approach helps researchers to assess data from many small-scale studies before designing clinical trials.

12 December 2016

And finally it’s time for our Gene of the Month, which is the gene - or rather the gene fault - responsible for...

05 December 2016

... and it could mean quicker diagnosis and better drug delivery.