12 February 2018

Zika can still cause damage without showing the obvious signs.

06 February 2018

We're within a whisker of destroying polio once and for all, but something is blocking the final push.

30 January 2018

Could the common cold virus help to treat a deadly cancer?

23 January 2018

Grab your tissues, it's a "flu's flu" of flu!

23 January 2018

A new way to screen for early-stage cancer in 70-98% of cases.

07 November 2017

Why workplace design is important in keeping healthy and productive at work.

24 October 2017

Sleeping Sickness can be often go undetected, but there's new technique to find parasites.

10 October 2017

Why is the NHS collection 100,000 patient genomes?

10 October 2017

What can old viruses tell us about modern infections?

10 October 2017

"You cannot have epidemic control of HIV in the world without having epidemic control in Nigeria"...

10 October 2017

A gene therapy technique has restored lost vision in mice.

26 September 2017

New electronic retinas are undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa, the most common form...

26 September 2017

Scientists have developed an implantable device that mimics the pancreas as a potential therapy for type one diabetes.

26 September 2017

Budget cigarettes caused the deaths of thousands of young children across the EU

26 September 2017

Brad Hoffman, from the University of Florida, has found a way to reprogramme the immune system to fight multiple...

19 September 2017

Do head injuries from impact sports lead to Alzheimer's disease?

11 September 2017

Early changes in the brain indicate how severe epilepsy will be.

01 August 2017

A look at bioremediation and how microbes may help us clean up nuclear waste.

11 July 2017

A new development in the fight against cancer.

10 July 2017

A new technique to grow replacement bile ducts for patients with liver disease.

15 June 2017

We catch up on research into schistosomiasis that we first covered in episode 29...

15 June 2017

For a tuberculosis infection to progress, around 50 bacterial cells need to infect a single immune cell.

15 June 2017

A protein called TRP1 allows the parasites that cause malaria to move around inside mosquitoes.

15 June 2017

eLife Senior Editor Prabhat Jha explains to Chris Smith why public funding is key to tackling epidemics in low-income...