18 September 2018

Better understanding our tissues' circadian rhythms could help make medicines more effective...

18 September 2018

How do you investigate Earth's magnetic field?

18 September 2018

Why do we need the earth's magnetic field?

18 September 2018

How do magnets actually work?

18 September 2018

This week, it's geomagnetism 101...

26 June 2018

Why is it dangerous to fly through an ash cloud?

08 May 2018

Turns out, our planet earth is a watery place, its in the ground, in our atmosphere and water covers 71 percent of the...

24 April 2018

Could plastic-eating bacteria be a pollution solution?

13 February 2018

Catalytic Clothing - The jeans that remove air pollutants.

12 February 2018

Astronomers explore a planetary system very similar to our own.

06 February 2018

Here today... gone tomorrow?

06 February 2018

Why has Oklahoma's earthquake count risen by hundreds?

26 September 2017

A new analysis suggests we may have some breathing space to achieve the goals outlined by the 2015 Paris Climate...

19 September 2017

Late summer is typically hurricane season in the tropics, but what's the science behind these extreme systems?

22 August 2017

How can we eat for the benefit of our health, and for the planet's health too?

25 July 2017

What is it like to go thousands of metres beneath the waves?

25 July 2017

What kind of future awaits our oceans, and why should we care?

30 May 2017

Life started over 3.7 billion years ago, in an unrecognisable Earth.

28 February 2017

Does the Earth's tilt cause seasons?

21 February 2017

Climate affects the ability of the Amazon rainforest to store carbon after selective logging...

14 February 2017

Top tips on how to get your very own space rock...

18 November 2016

Could GPS give us more than just our location?

20 September 2016

Could the phases of the moon affect earthquakes?

22 August 2016

Find out how our ancestors first evolved to walk on land.