Interviews about Earth Science

Interviews about geology, palaeontology, archaeology, atmospheric science, climate, climate change and meteorology...

27 November 2023

Pushing digital twins to the extreme

17 November 2023

Could it leave weather presenters feeling gloomy...

10 November 2023

Why are we so profligate with a precious resource?

10 November 2023

What do we need to do to get a grip on the scale of the problem, and clean up our act?

10 November 2023

In a year of such extreme weather...

27 October 2023

The implications leave us in hot water...

20 October 2023

An ecomusical approach to coastal habitat conservation...

20 October 2023

As temperatures rise, currently protected regions may be more suitable for crops...

06 October 2023

He claims his analysis proves wastewater worries are unwarranted...

30 September 2023

Data and patterns lurking in existing literature on other topics entirely can be a useful guide to saving little-...

30 September 2023

Coastal communities often bear disproportionate coastal and marine harms, but people are beginning to fight back...

30 September 2023

And are we in the middle of another one...

29 September 2023

The heat is on for mammals

01 September 2023

The removal of large fauna from forests is contributing to the carbon crisis

07 August 2023

Joining us for our romp through all things science and technology this time...

31 July 2023

Warmer conditions affect the rates at which some fish species grow and how large they ultimately become...

28 July 2023

The searing heat across much of the world is the start of 'global boiling'

14 July 2023

Was it climate change? Or El Niño? Or were there other factors as well?

04 July 2023

The British Antarctic Survey has launched a strategy to monitor the poles, whilst aiming for net zero

04 July 2023

What processes drive the global ocean system, and how are we changing those systems?

06 June 2023

And where they're most commonly found...