Interviews about Earth Science

Interviews about geology, palaeontology, archaeology, atmospheric science, climate, climate change and meteorology...

30 June 2020

Saving the planet means leaving fossil fuels in the ground. So what happens to fossil fuel companies?

30 June 2020

What ideas for a green recovery might be effective, and what are less promising?

30 June 2020

One country that’s ahead of most in the fight against climate change is Sweden...

30 June 2020

A recent report to the UK government sets out some options for a green economic recovery...

30 June 2020

Global carbon emissions dropped by 17% at the peak of the lockdown - but are going right back up again...

16 June 2020

How do we study the layers of the earth?

16 June 2020

High temperatures and geomagnetism...

16 June 2020

How did we learn about the mantle and crust?

16 June 2020

Using radar to uncover a Roman city ...

18 May 2020

Should we really be handing public money to an industry that’s one of the major causes of climate change?

21 April 2020

Learn how to make a cloud in a jar, and how to spot if a storm is coming...

07 April 2020

How has pollution changed while we've been stuck inside

24 March 2020

A chance discovery of a near-complete skull is the oldest yet example of a modern-looking, toothless bird...

23 March 2020

Whales get stranded on beaches - and seem to do it more when there's radio interference coming off the sun...

17 March 2020

What happens when an ecosystem is past its tipping point?

05 March 2020

Time for the ultimate face-off to win our Big Brains of the Month award...

05 March 2020

Before we get into the questions, it's time to introduce the panel...

25 February 2020

What can new remains tell us about our distant cousins?

18 February 2020

Contrails cause a third of aviation's contribution to global warming. A new technique could solve this...

24 January 2020

China and India said they had cut emissions of potent greenhouse gas HFC-23 - but levels seem to be rising...

24 January 2020

The Yarrabubba crater, in Australia, has turned out to be 2.3 billion years old...

21 January 2020

What will climate change mean for growing crops in the UK?

14 January 2020

Australia is dealing with massive bushfires. What's the science behind it?

14 January 2020

How do car brakes make pollution worse?