Interviews about Earth Science

Interviews about geology, palaeontology, archaeology, atmospheric science, climate, climate change and meteorology...

18 September 2018

This week, it's geomagnetism 101...

04 September 2018

We're laying a rainy myth to rest...

10 July 2018

How does sunscreen protect your skin?

03 July 2018

From where should scientists collect seeds to conserve tree species?

26 June 2018

What's the human impact of a volcanic eruption?

26 June 2018

Why is it dangerous to fly through an ash cloud?

26 June 2018

Volcanic gases can impact the environment...

26 June 2018

What exactly is a volcano?

05 June 2018

How big is the impact of farming methods on our carbon footprint?

21 May 2018

How will a global temperature rise of 2, rather than 1.5 degrees C, affect the planet?

08 May 2018

The City of Cape Town are running out of water. Who's next?

08 May 2018

How to re-use the water from your morning shower...

08 May 2018

Turns out, our planet earth is a watery place, its in the ground, in our atmosphere and water covers 71 percent of the...

08 May 2018

Why is it important to have clean water?

08 May 2018

Young fish can't hear their ideal home

30 April 2018

Could concrete production - a major environmental polluter - be carried out in a greener way?

24 April 2018

Could plastic-eating bacteria be a pollution solution?

17 April 2018

The human history behind a newly discovered middle finger bone.

13 February 2018

Catalytic Clothing - The jeans that remove air pollutants.

13 February 2018

Drawings on rocks reveal the mystery of the first modern humans.

06 February 2018

Here today... gone tomorrow?

06 February 2018

Why has Oklahoma's earthquake count risen by hundreds?

31 October 2017

Could increasing the production of sugarcane ethanol help to cut global carbon emissions?

26 September 2017

A new analysis suggests we may have some breathing space to achieve the goals outlined by the 2015 Paris Climate...