Interviews about Earth Science

Interviews about geology, palaeontology, archaeology, atmospheric science, climate, climate change and meteorology...

09 November 2015

A forest fire of enormous proportions is devastating the people and biodiversity of Indonesia.

02 November 2015

The loss of megafauna and their poo are starving the world's oceans of nutrients like phosphorus...

02 November 2015

London is facing fines of £300 million per year for illegally polluting the air. What are the authorities doing to...

27 October 2015

Should we travel to Mars to establish another base for humanity and give ourselves more chances for survival?

19 October 2015

What would day-to-day life actually be like in a Mars settlement?

12 October 2015

Cosmic radiation can be deadly, especially if a solar storm hits. How can we protect astronauts once they leave the...

14 September 2015

If our climate continues to warm, will ocean circulation change? And what effect will this have on the future of our...

14 September 2015

Have oceans circulated differently before, and what happened then?

14 September 2015

What controls how water in the oceans moves, and how is this linked to climate?

14 September 2015

The climate’s been changing for millions of years. How do we know, and why should we worry now?

07 September 2015

Pupils will soon be sending mini-computers up onto the borders of space to collect data for their own analysis...

25 August 2015

Our solar system formed 4.6 billion years ago, but how did this happen?

25 August 2015

New Horizons' images of Pluto have reignited debate over the dwarf planet's classification: should Pluto be...

25 August 2015

The New Horizons probe has provided vast quantities of data on Pluto, but what has it told us that we didn't...

25 August 2015

Finding meteors isn't too tricky, but working out where they came from is a different kettle of fish altogether...

25 August 2015

Philae touched down on a comet back in 2014 but what has this revealed about the Kuiper Belt?

17 August 2015

Rock formations can give clues about the climate in the past, but until now, we could only guess at how these...

21 July 2015

If the Navier Stokes equation is solved, it would lead to advances in a huge number of fields, including travel,...

07 July 2015

The Royal Society in London comes alive with a week-long exhibition showcasing the very latest in cutting edge...

11 May 2015

We examine the environmental cost of the aviation industry and the potential for mitigation strategies...

04 May 2015

Millions of people live close to volcanoes, but what danger are they in, and are there any long term health effects...

04 May 2015

Falling ash and scorching pyroclastic flows are the most dangerous elements of an eruption. How do they work?

04 May 2015

Eruptions are dramatic events that tear apart mountains. But what is actually going on inside an erupting volcano?

04 May 2015

What are volcanoes more common in certain places, what triggers and eruption, and can volcanic activity be predicted...?