Interviews about Earth Science

Interviews about geology, palaeontology, archaeology, atmospheric science, climate, climate change and meteorology...

07 February 2023

Financial incentives from the UK government to be awarded to farmers for taking a sustainable approach...

10 January 2023

Let's meet the fine minds featuring in this Q&A...

19 December 2022

How data collected on marine research vessels fuels the research and policy making of climate modelling?

16 December 2022

What kind of data collection and research goes on inside a flagship research vessel?

16 December 2022

The tiny bits of metal polluting the air on London's tube system...

15 December 2022

Digital palaeontology posits that this fish-eating dinosaur was happier on shore than in the water...

12 December 2022

Magnetic signatures imprinted on ancient rocks show the signs of continental drift billions of years ago...

06 December 2022

Would a reduction in our population help solve the climatic, social, and economic problems we face?

06 December 2022

What are the economic challenges of an ageing population, and who's responsibility is the environment?

06 December 2022

What are the issues that a population of 8 billion people have to face?

21 November 2022

Who will win this month's big brain award?

11 November 2022

Primitive fish that invaded the land had a single lung; so why have terrestrial animals all got two?

04 November 2022

This molecular sieve could help reduce your carbon footprint without breaking the bank

24 October 2022

Why convincing people to take climate action is so difficult

24 October 2022

What do we do with the next generation of renewable energy waste problems?

24 October 2022

How can science and policy making combine to form a circular economy?

21 October 2022

A new find in Siberia gives us fresh clues...

21 October 2022

Moving greenhouse gases to where they won't contribute to global warming...

11 October 2022

We work through the critical factors which will determine if lifting the fracking ban will be a success...

11 October 2022

Just what are the geological processes involved in fracking, and does it cause earthquakes?

11 October 2022

What exactly are the problems raised with the environmental and social side of fracking?

07 October 2022

Scientists pre-empting how they might help earth avoid asteroids...

30 September 2022

How oceanographers have been mapping salinity changes from the comfort of their living rooms

20 September 2022

What a 30cm rise means for the environment...