Interviews about Earth Science

Interviews about geology, palaeontology, archaeology, atmospheric science, climate, climate change and meteorology...

29 December 2016

What happens to a hen's egg left soaking for a day or two in vinegar?

15 December 2016

Fossil footprints reveal that some of our human-like ancestors could have been taller than we thought.

18 November 2016

Could GPS give us more than just our location?

18 October 2016

Why does Haiti have a cholera epidemic?

07 October 2016

The ways that plants respond to drought can be changed

20 September 2016

Could the phases of the moon affect earthquakes?

13 September 2016

Will the new ban on microbeads make a difference?

22 August 2016

A controversial pesticide has been linked to long-term wild bee decline.

22 August 2016

Find out how our ancestors first evolved to walk on land.

22 August 2016

Poor sleep habits, including shift work and jet lag, make you more prone to illness, and now we might know why.

11 August 2016

Top tips to find your own hunk of space metal...

11 August 2016

Spot the difference: Meteor, meteorite, meteroid, comet, asteroid...

11 August 2016

Graihagh made it her mission to find out as much as possible about Connie's winnings. But first, how did Connie...

26 July 2016

What are biofuels made from and are they any better than fossil fuels?

12 July 2016

Are diamonds little more than just a lump of coal?

12 July 2016

Can we sell biodiversity to policy makers my showing it can make a profit?

12 July 2016

With so many people living on this planet is it time to think about conservation in terms of them?

13 June 2016

Pollution is one of the leading causes of heart disease, but why does it impact us in this way?

07 June 2016

The UN estimates that by 2050 up to 70% of us will be living in cities. How can we make them more sustainable?

07 June 2016

New technology is all well and good, but in order to live truly sustainably do we need to change the way we live?

06 June 2016

How do you age the earth's magnetic field? By recreating the centre of the earth.

23 May 2016

Can smart plastics grab salt from water in a cheap, sustainable way?

23 May 2016

With fresh water in short supply in many countries, can we take the salt out of the sea without breaking the energy...

23 May 2016

In the past, salt was so valuable it could change the course of history: now it provides a window into the Earth...