Interviews about Earth Science

Interviews about geology, palaeontology, archaeology, atmospheric science, climate, climate change and meteorology...

13 April 2022

Our panel of experts are tested on how well they know recent science news stories we've covered.

11 April 2022

More must be done to stick to that critical 1.5 degree rise...

05 April 2022

Could conservation efforts be bolstered by identifying and cross breeding temperature resistant super coral?

21 March 2022

Is nuclear power the answer to our energy crisis?

21 March 2022

Bad air quality may be having as bad an impact on your mental health as your physical health...

07 March 2022

Solar panels may now be used to produce electricity and water in hot climates.

07 February 2022

Lizardicane doesn't have the same ring as sharknado.

04 February 2022

Our reliance on animals may have increased the more time we spent with them

04 February 2022

Four specialist scientists are taking on your questions this week

03 February 2022

We test our scientists on their knowledge of all things new through this nifty quiz...

02 February 2022

Discovery of the lumbar spine from Australopithecus sediba confirms upright posture...

25 January 2022

Antarctica's experiencing more shipping traffic than first thought, which could be affecting its biodiversity

18 January 2022

How autonomous underwater vehicles are helping scientists answer big climate questions...

18 January 2022

Uncover the news behind the latest fossil discovery from the humble UK town of Rutland...

07 January 2022

We uproot the behind-the-scenes features of the new David Attenborough show 'The Green Planet'

17 December 2021

We all want to do our bit for the environment, but how does that extend to buying the Xmas tree?

14 December 2021

All is not lost in the fight against coral bleaching due to some are showing signs of resistance.

14 December 2021

Do you know how a plant cell works? This tool should soon answer all your questions.

07 December 2021

It's that time again to get your science brains rattling and see if you can beat this Christmas science quiz.

29 November 2021

How much plastics come with your spaghetti bolognese and what are the emissions in those plastic wrappings?

23 November 2021

Which is better: replacing concrete buildings with wooden ones, or keeping trees in the forests?

23 November 2021

A 2.5% year on year reduction in flying would be enough to stop further warming from the aviation industry

11 November 2021

It's time for a quiz to challenge our scientists on what they know about all things green.

09 November 2021

What are the best quick fixes you can do to help mitigate the crisis and play your part?