Interviews about Earth Science

Interviews about geology, palaeontology, archaeology, atmospheric science, climate, climate change and meteorology...

30 September 2022

How oceanographers have been mapping salinity changes from the comfort of their living rooms

20 September 2022

What a 30cm rise means for the environment...

08 September 2022

Compost management schemes could combat both climate change and food shortages

30 August 2022

How has the extended period of drought in the UK impacted the economic situation of farmers?

30 August 2022

How does cloud seeding work, and are conditions right for it to operate in the UK?

30 August 2022

How does desalination work, and would it ever be feasible in the UK?

30 August 2022

Do circular water systems hold the key to increasing supply during times of drought?

30 August 2022

The changes in global temperatures will have dramatic effects on the distribution of rainfall across the world

26 August 2022

Swimmers should take care even in popular spots...

26 August 2022

Combatting climate change conjures fertiliser fears....

12 August 2022

Earthquake conditions deep under the oceans may have allowed oxygen production before photosynthesis

12 August 2022

The persistent high temperatures and scorched ground this summer have been a big wake up call for change

04 August 2022

Two days in the past two months have been 1.5 milliseconds faster than days in the past few decades

04 August 2022

Best before dates could be misleading people into throwing away food prematurely.

26 July 2022

River swimming clubs are at capacity; is no one worried about the cleanliness of the river?

18 July 2022

5 years ago, the great white population in Gansbaai vanished. Now, scientists are starting to understand why.

05 July 2022

Carl Sayer set us the task of finding our own ghost ponds; we'll need to swat up before the expedition...

05 July 2022

When old ponds are restored, plant life that has laid in waiting can take root after 150 years...

05 July 2022

Many ponds being restored or created are found on farmland. Why do the owners get involved?

05 July 2022

The UK introduced a scheme to help save one endangered species, but where should these new ponds be built?

04 July 2022

Currently, we know more about the surface of Mars than we do of Earth...

28 June 2022

This is not a microbe! At 2 centimetres long, it's bigger than some insects...

20 June 2022

As we enter the decisive decade for biodiversity, researchers are sharing their findings to help shape policy

17 June 2022

Listening to the sounds inside a volcano can tell us more about its future activity