21 December 2017

First things first, put up the Christmas tree!

24 October 2017

Scientists at Cambridge University have discovered plants are great illusionists.

22 August 2017

Foraging can be a fun and sustainable way to source food, but you need to know your stuff. So what are the basics?

15 August 2017

Goldfish can survive the winter freeze using a genetic trick that allows them to convert lactic acid into alcohol.

04 July 2017

Oil spills can spell disaster for coastal wildlife, but can a sponge soak up oil spills?

04 July 2017

Invasive species can damage local ecosystems, so how has a clam from the Gulf of Mexico ended up in Lincolnshire?

28 February 2017

How one species is already feeling the pinch of rising temperatures.

05 January 2017

Why urban environments could be the future of conservation.

02 January 2017

Will all life in the Universe be like ours? Or something completely different?

10 December 2013

What's the best way to create a marine reserve, and do these human no-go zones really work?

10 December 2013

One of the most endangered marine ecosystems are Caribbean coral reefs that have seen a massive die-off of the main...

02 December 2012

Pitcairn is a British Overseas Territory in the south Pacific. It’s 4500 km from New Zealand and is most famous for...

20 November 2012

Best known for Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Avon Gorge in Bristol, southwest England is also home to several...

11 November 2012

What happens to the hormone disrupting chemicals found in contraceptive pills or hormone replacement therapies once...

11 November 2012

A major news story in the UK this month has been the discovery of Ash dieback disease, a fungal infection that destroys...

01 May 2012

Clare Woulds explains how the existence of life is explored deep down in the Earth's hydrothermal vents...

05 February 2012

Introducing new species has proved disasterous for the Australian ecosystem. So it's no wonder that ecologist...

30 May 2010

Meera explores the RHS Chelsea Flower show to discover how the help our rainforests and entice wildlife into her garden...

21 March 2010

Meera Senthilingam explores how the domestication of African fruits trees is helping meet the nutritional and...

07 February 2010

How do hormones, like oestrogen, affect aqatic ecosystems? Professor Karen Kidd explains more...

10 May 2009

The Great Cam Cleanup is a volunteer project to help keep the river Cam clean by picking out the litter, bikes and...

14 December 2008

Predicting where in the world diseases are likely to emerge can help us prepare for them, and even try to prevent them...

30 November 2008

The best way to monitor and understand the sea is to go with the flow! Jules Jaffe and colleagues at Scripps Institute...