31 October 2017

Could increasing the production of sugarcane ethanol help to cut global carbon emissions?

14 August 2017

Only 5% of the universe is made up of physical matter, what else is out there?

25 July 2017

Deep sea mining could provide us with more renewable energy, however, it could have dramatic impacts on the things that...

27 June 2017

Unveiling the mysteries of Sun spicules - long strands of high energy plasma that are fired off from the Sun into space...

24 January 2017

It started with fire, then light bulbs and now LEDs but how did this come about?

24 January 2017

How and why are they so much more efficient than a standard light bulb?

24 January 2017

Samsung has announced its phones were catching fire because of the battery...

07 June 2016

The UN estimates that by 2050 up to 70% of us will be living in cities. How can we make them more sustainable?

07 June 2016

Could all our homes be solar powered by 2050?

07 June 2016

What’s being done NOW to build environmentally sympathetic homes?

26 April 2016

A look at what we can do to improve the environmental impact of shipping.

15 March 2016

Energy transportation is far from ideal and lots is lost along the way, how can a levitating superconductor help change...

23 February 2016

All processes give off waste energy and more and more technology is being developed that harnesses that energy in a...

08 December 2015

Choose your mood and style, set your tempo, 20 seconds later this machine will give you a song, completely unique,...

17 November 2015

In the summer we cought up with the cambridge eco car racing team, this week we got back in touch to see how they did...

02 November 2015

Pit an electric Tesla against a petrol car in a time trial and who will win? The bets are on...

02 November 2015

A chemical breakthough could enable batteries to store five times more energy than today's models, transforming...

26 June 2015

How could technology help the fight against technology?

08 December 2014

What is sound, and how is it produced and how can computer trickery change the voice?

23 October 2014

What does the future hold for travel? Check-in by robot? Transparent fuselage? Airbus tell us what's to come...

01 October 2014

Tiny sensors that harvest energy from passing cars, people or even the flow of your blood may one day be powering...

01 October 2014

Plants are hugely efficient at creating energy from sunlight. Now researchers are trying to capture sunlight to make...

01 October 2014

Scientists promise us a future where solar cells can be sprayed onto surfaces, so cars, buildings and streets could...

01 October 2014

We need to increase performance of wind and wave powered systems to better harness the potential of these free, clean...