27 June 2017

Would you trust a robot in an emergency?

27 June 2017

Would you trust a robot with your surgery?

27 June 2017

Would you trust a robot in the military?

27 June 2017

Would you trust a robot to grow your food?

11 April 2017

Using bio-engineering to grow an entire human organ system in the lab - complete with connecting blood supply.

14 February 2017

What's it like to be able to hear again with a 'bionic ear'?

24 January 2017

How and why are they so much more efficient than a standard light bulb?

15 March 2016

How much can helium actually lift? Could it lift a giant hose into space?

09 December 2015

Geoff Baldwin is using nanocages to target cancer drugs to tumours, leaving healthy cells unharmed.

09 December 2015

tephen Chambers is CEO of SynbiCITE - a national centre set up to turn bright ideas in synthetic biology into...

09 December 2015

Paul Freemont is co-director and co-founder of the Imperial College synthetic biology hub, told me about the...

11 October 2015

James Field has just launched a new company called LabGenius, capitalising on the growing interest in synthetic...

09 October 2015

To find out more about synthetic biology, and where it all started, I spoke to Professor Richard Kitney from Imperial...

07 July 2015

What can we do to stop explosives from causing injury?

22 June 2015

The Great Fire burned for 4 days and destroyed 13,000 houses. We investigate how it started, why it spread, and how...

09 September 2014

What is biomimicry and how can we copy nature?

28 April 2014

Could we use bamboo in order to make housing across the world more environmentally friendly?

04 December 2011

Welding up at metal pipe doesn't sound terribly tricky, but what about when it's 1 km underwater...

29 November 2011

One technique which will probably be familiar with from medicine is sonography or imaging with sound. To find out how...

12 June 2011

Harnessing bacteria often involves growing them in large tanks called fermenters or bioreactors; but how do you make...

31 May 2011

What happens at a molecular level as a blacksmith works on a piece of metal? To find out, Meera took metallurgist John...

03 May 2011

New research simulates battery designs on a computer to try and predict what the next breakthrough might be.

03 May 2011

New materials known as 'microcapsules' are being used to extend the life-span of batteries....

24 April 2011

A class of material known as 'multiferroics' respond to both magnetic and electric fields. The latest...