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23 November 2021

Food chemists have found a mushroom that makes wild strawberry flavour compounds

19 November 2021

Nice try big bad wolf. The three little pigs have the power of science on their side now.

12 October 2021

Shooting pellets of dry ice to remove sludgy leaves from train tracks

05 October 2021

Beyond balloons, helium is vital for modern science and technology - which is why scientists are concerned...

05 October 2021

Using a bacteria-inspired hack to optimise rare earth mining

05 October 2021

We use a colossal volume of sand every year, but where does it all come from?

07 September 2021

After decades of campaigning, leaded petrol has finally been eradicated globally

02 September 2021

Wooden flooring capable of converting static charge into electricity. Prepare to be shocked...

03 August 2021

From people's homes to workplaces to on the motorway, charging points are being placed all over the country...

03 August 2021

Where do we source the materials for electric vehicle batteries, and how can we ensure we have enough?

03 August 2021

As electric vehicle sales continue to rise, we caught up with Fully Charged's Robert Llewellyn

02 August 2021

Imagine Jenga towers built up of lithium-ion blocks...

27 July 2021

Some mental gymnastics needed to win gold in our last test of mental agility...

22 June 2021

Spider silk has inspired scientists to make transparent film from peas that could replace single use plastics

03 June 2021

Combining the super sticky properties of mussels and barnacles has produced a powerful underwater glue

18 May 2021

Willow's had a good innings, but is bamboo about to be a hit?

04 May 2021

Materials scientist Anna Ploszajski has a new book - and it's pretty hands-on...

27 April 2021

What does the future look like for home heating?

27 April 2021

Bacteria that can turn mine waste into copper metal might be the answer to a looming copper crisis...

13 April 2021

A new technique has been developed that allows glass to be shaped via injection moulding

30 March 2021

How should hospitals of the future be ventilated?

02 February 2021

Do we need nuclear power? We look at both sides of the argument...

02 February 2021

A snapshot of how much power is used in the UK, and where it comes from.

26 January 2021

Engineers have developed a new EV battery that - they say - is cheap and can recharge in 10 mins...