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06 June 2016

How do you age the earth's magnetic field? By recreating the centre of the earth.

06 June 2016

Imagine all the kit you need to start your own molecular biology lab, packed down into the size of a laptop bag and...

06 June 2016

As DNA sequencing becomes cheaper, having a good understanding of genetics will become more important. But what does...

26 April 2016

How many of the goods you own are transported by sea?

26 April 2016

We've all heard about driverless cars but what about driverless ships?

26 April 2016

A look at what we can do to improve the environmental impact of shipping.

25 April 2016

If we're worried about carbon emissions of ships, shouldn't we just be hoisting the sails and returning to a...

03 April 2016

New techology in prosphetics has led to a robotic fingertip that actually feels.

03 April 2016

These days origami has more uses than just paper, like using DNA to make teeny tiny objects!

29 March 2016

Why, when the rest of us have been sat in an economic downturn, has the satellite industry been booming?

24 March 2016

If we can make artificially intelligent machines, they'll need a body, but that's not very easy...

20 March 2016

NASA plans to set fire to a space station, simply to find out what will happen.

15 March 2016

Could we dry blood so that is could be stored forever and transported with ease?

15 March 2016

Can we make circuits that are more flexible than silicon?

15 March 2016

How much can helium actually lift? Could it lift a giant hose into space?

15 March 2016

Energy transportation is far from ideal and lots is lost along the way, how can a levitating superconductor help change...

26 February 2016

Superbugs last days on doorhandles. But if we made them from copper they could kill microbes in seconds. How does the...

23 February 2016

All processes give off waste energy and more and more technology is being developed that harnesses that energy in a...

02 February 2016

Blueprints for 3D printed plastic guns may be released online - are these a threat to security?

25 January 2016

Spider-man would either need to be very small, or have size 89 feet, to manage to stick to buildings...

22 December 2015

Everyone enjoys an experiment. That's particularly true of Georgia Mills when she got Chris Smith to walk on...

22 December 2015

Could Santa use a tech-upgrade to save some time on Christmas Eve?

22 December 2015

The Mi.Mu gloves control music with gesture and Connie Orbach was lucky enough to try them on.

21 December 2015

What do you do when someone hands you there favourite toy? Crash it of course!