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26 September 2017

What could exoskeleton technology mean for the future?

15 August 2017

In 2020, the European Space Agency will launch a rover onto the surface of Mars on an exploratory mission to look for...

14 August 2017

How a space station in critical danger led to the development of the shiny metal blankets that prevent marathon runners...

18 July 2017

Scientists in the US have come up with a set of steps which store the energy you expend when you descend, and then give...

18 July 2017

The technology to help astronauts dig holes in the moon makes its way down to earth in the form of the cordless drill.

18 July 2017

A team of real life spidermen at Cambridge University have invented a new, greener, cleaner form of artificial spider...

10 July 2017

How do we program human morals into self-driving cars?

04 July 2017

We brought the beach to the studio... But what's the science to a superior sandcastle?

27 June 2017

Would you trust a robot in an emergency?

27 June 2017

Would you trust a robot with your surgery?

27 June 2017

Would you trust a robot in the military?

27 June 2017

Would you trust a robot to grow your food?

27 June 2017

How are technologies and breakthroughs made for the space race helping to make life better for us here on the ground?

09 May 2017

Worldwide, we use over a trillion plastic bags every year. Can a caterpillar help reduce our waste?

11 April 2017

Using bio-engineering to grow an entire human organ system in the lab - complete with connecting blood supply.

11 April 2017

Climate change will mean more energy in the atmosphere which is bad news for airline passengers...

28 February 2017

Cocaine-use has been linked with a build-up of iron in the brain.

21 February 2017

One of America's most hated spiders isn't all bad: its web could teach us to make much tougher materials.

14 February 2017

What's it like to be able to hear again with a 'bionic ear'?

14 February 2017

What's the difference between a meteorite, an asteroid and a comet?

14 February 2017

Naked Scientist Connie Orbach won a meteorite and Graihagh Jackson made it her mission to find out more...

24 January 2017

How and why are they so much more efficient than a standard light bulb?

16 January 2017

Scientists have tied the world's smallest knot; less than a millionth of a millimetre across.