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24 August 2015

Google's open-source, modular phone has had to be delayed, but will we see more, similar products in future?

17 August 2015

More people have access to a mobile phone than to a proper toilet, but there are researchers working to change this.

10 August 2015

Graphene has some truly exceptional properties. The real killer application will be in something totally novel, but...

10 August 2015

We have heard all the hype, but what is graphene actually doing for us right now? What are the current uses of this...

10 August 2015

Graphene has some impressive properties, but how do we actually make it commercially? What happens in a graphene-...

21 July 2015

If you have to pop the shoe shop, the bank and the grocers, which way is quickest? How do computers work this out and...

21 July 2015

The Cambridge University Eco Racing team have unveiled their solar powered car, Evolution ahead of the World Solar...

14 July 2015

Do you have what it takes to become a drone racer?

07 July 2015

Body armour is a key weapon in the fight against explosives and can be made from all kinds of materials from ceramics...

07 July 2015

What can we do to stop explosives from causing injury?

07 July 2015

How much damage can an explosion cause and how can we measure it?

26 June 2015

How could technology help the fight against technology?

22 June 2015

The Great Fire burned for 4 days and destroyed 13,000 houses. We investigate how it started, why it spread, and how...

11 May 2015

We examine the environmental cost of the aviation industry and the potential for mitigation strategies...

11 May 2015

New technology enables jet engine engineers at Rolls-Royce to monitor the health of their engines even in flight...

17 April 2015

Where there's beer, there's bacteria! Molecular forensics cna be used to follow bugs around breweries to...

24 March 2015

A revolutionary 3D printer inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster "Terminator 2" has been developed and uses...

02 March 2015

Archimedes' principle, and the "Eureka" moment of its discovery is one of the most famous experiments...

17 February 2015

What makes some violins sound better than others? To find out, physicists have subjected hundreds of the instruments to...

26 January 2015

What is a plastic, and how are plastics made? Physicist Athene Donald makes some nylon and demonstrates thermoplastics...

08 December 2014

Owls fly nearly noiselessly, but how? And can we adapt their approach to make quieter aircraft?

24 November 2014

A 70 kg man has climbed a glass wall using Spiderman style technology, by mimicking the feet of geckos.

30 October 2014

Jackie Akhavan works on how to best detect explosives, which she does by manufacturing bombs in the lab!

23 October 2014

The space age is upon us, with Virgin Galactic offering tickets to space for $250,000 but when will it become the norm?