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Interviews about engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing, jet engines, materials science and transport...

22 December 2015

The Mi.Mu gloves control music with gesture and Connie Orbach was lucky enough to try them on.

21 December 2015

What do you do when someone hands you there favourite toy? Crash it of course!

21 December 2015

In October we spent a whole month planning our Naked Scientists trip to Mars, here's a snapshot of what we got up...

21 December 2015

Computer coding and music seem like they're worlds apart but actually they're remarkably compatible as Kat...

09 December 2015

Geoff Baldwin is using nanocages to target cancer drugs to tumours, leaving healthy cells unharmed.

09 December 2015

tephen Chambers is CEO of SynbiCITE - a national centre set up to turn bright ideas in synthetic biology into...

09 December 2015

Paul Freemont is co-director and co-founder of the Imperial College synthetic biology hub, told me about the...

08 December 2015

Abbey Road studio has a history in music technology but now it's getting back involved with a hub for startups,...

08 December 2015

The digitalisation of music has profoundly impacted the workings of the music industry, but is this a bad thing?

30 November 2015

When the water rises, what can we do about it? Can we escape or do we need to learn to live with it?

20 November 2015

Kat Arney tackles a long held myth that glass is a liquid...

17 November 2015

In the summer we cought up with the cambridge eco car racing team, this week we got back in touch to see how they did...

17 November 2015

What can big data do and how has the cloud enabled the big data revolution?

17 November 2015

When we save something on the cloud where is it actually kept and how much energy is needed to keep it there?

02 November 2015

A way of moving objects from a distance with the use of sound waves has been revealed...

02 November 2015

When you take into account everything, from construction to battery recycling, are electric cars any greener?

02 November 2015

Pit an electric Tesla against a petrol car in a time trial and who will win? The bets are on...

02 November 2015

Electrifying vehicles may be one way to clean up our act but what can we do about our current stock of cars? Turn them...

12 October 2015

There's the radiation, the microgravity and even sound waves to think about when sending humans to the Red Planet.

11 October 2015

James Field has just launched a new company called LabGenius, capitalising on the growing interest in synthetic...

09 October 2015

To find out more about synthetic biology, and where it all started, I spoke to Professor Richard Kitney from Imperial...

06 October 2015

How the magnetic properties of galfenol can be used to send super fast signals and protect passengers in car crashes.

21 September 2015

A new advance in technology could bring us another step closer to real life invisibility cloaks.

14 September 2015

Fakes cost economies billions, but this could be about to change with the development of a 3D bar code.