24 August 2018

Without proteins to do the heavy lifting, how did early life copy its genetic information?

24 August 2018

What genes control the plumage patterns of pigeons?

14 August 2018

And how did we learn to talk?

03 July 2018

The brain region that encourages you to binge, even when you're full...

24 April 2018

How big spleens can help divers stay submerged for longer

17 April 2018

How has our taste developed over evolutionary time?

17 April 2018

The human history behind a newly discovered middle finger bone.

10 April 2018

What can fossil evidence of the pineal organs in early reptiles tell us about eye evolution?

13 February 2018

Drawings on rocks reveal the mystery of the first modern humans.

16 January 2018

DNA reveals the existence of a new, but now-extinct horse

16 January 2018

Salmon increase the speed of their sperm when faced with competitors.

14 November 2017

What number is bigger? Tastebuds on a human tongue, or the number of stone blocks used to build the giant pyramid?

24 October 2017

We Brits are rather fond of a bird feeder, but what effect is this having on the UK Great Tit?

15 August 2017

Goldfish can survive the winter freeze using a genetic trick that allows them to convert lactic acid into alcohol.

18 July 2017

Mutations in a single gene can affect whether some bio-luminescent bacteria will make good partners for squid.

30 May 2017

Did life originate in a hydrothermal vent?

30 May 2017

Is RNA, the cousin of DNA, the molecule which started all life on earth?

16 May 2017

How mathematicians use evolution to find the best solution to a problem.

16 May 2017

A new discovery sheds light on the appearance of Homo naledi and when these ancient human relatives were alive.

21 February 2017

How does language change throughout time, and how did it begin in the first place?

02 January 2017

Will all life in the Universe be like ours? Or something completely different?

15 December 2016

Computer simulations reveal how ants work together to carry large food items back to the nest.

15 December 2016

Fossil footprints reveal that some of our human-like ancestors could have been taller than we thought.