28 November 2016

Is the golden ratio really represented all throughout nature?

14 November 2016

The heart begins beating much earlier than first thought...

14 November 2016

Duncan Odom is figuring out the control switches between different species and how they contribute to the incredibly...

14 November 2016

Emma Farley's work focuses on understanding exactly what the switches in our genome look like, and how they...

14 November 2016

To shed light on the dark matter of the genome, I spoke to Wendy Bickmore - one of the organisers of the Genetics...

08 November 2016

How did we get to the modern human?

08 November 2016

Could we examine DNA that is 3.8 million years old?

08 November 2016

What do you study when researching skeletons that span millions of years?

08 November 2016

The earliest stone tools were assumed to have been intentionally made by our pre-human ancestors but maybe there's...

08 November 2016

Could the discovery of fire have been the cause of man's big brain?

08 November 2016

How are Eurasian jays teaching us about what it means to be human?

08 November 2016

Is the ability to believe in ritual and religion proof of a higher form of intelligence? Possibly not if Lee's...

08 November 2016

Is our obsession with social networks and relationships the one thing that makes us special?

07 November 2016

Neil deGrasse Tyson takes us on a journey through the universe and questions what intelligence is...

31 October 2016

What does a marmot have to do with the shower scene in psycho?

28 October 2016

What tricks do horror movies use to frighten us?

24 October 2016

We face our fears and head into the dark to find out when it all began...

10 October 2016

It's the first time genes have been implicated in food preference.

07 October 2016

Fragments of ancient proteins are preserved in ostrich eggshells...

27 September 2016

Think you know what the dinosaurs looked like? Think again!

13 September 2016

Is it nature or nuture that determines our grades?

11 September 2016

And finally it’s time for our Gene of the Month, and this time it’s Deadpan.

31 August 2016

Birds tune their light sensitive cells to maximise the number of colours they see...

31 August 2016

Zebrafish have lubricated joints similar to those in humans and other land animals