06 May 2014

Alex Liu explains what the fossil record tells us about how Earth's first animals developed from bacteria...

04 April 2014

Single mutations in three genes can increase the ability of E. coli to survive ionizing radiation by a factor of 1000.

06 February 2014

At the University of Manchester, Professor Matthew Cobb and his team are studying how maggots smell things.

06 February 2014

Scientists have analysed the genome of an 11,000 year old contagious dog genital cancer.

06 February 2014

Scientists have used genetic analysis to wind the evolutionary clock back on the history of dogs

04 February 2014

The body shapes of queen ants and worker ants have evolved in different ways to reflect their different roles.

06 January 2014

What happens if you delete the gene encoding an essential transfer RNA in yeast?

10 December 2013

This month's Gene of the Month is a bit on the large side - it’s called Tubby.

26 November 2013

Bacteria incorporating ancient DNA from a woolly mammoth into their genome and implications for antibiotic resistance...

07 October 2013

Computational techniques have shed fresh light on how C4 photosynthesis evolved from C3 photosynthesis.

07 September 2013

Dr Turi King has an unusual interest in men - she studies their Y chromosomes to track their family history.

07 September 2013

DNA sequencing is now cheap and accessible, but what can studying our genes tell us about our family history?

22 August 2013

Changes in gene expression could be used to predict whether individuals will respond successfully to the influenza...

04 August 2013

Our gene of the month is Eyeless - a master switch that's used across many different organisms to create eyes.

04 August 2013

Cancer Research UK scientists have announced an ambitious project to track the evolution of lung cancer in more than...

07 July 2013

Our gene of the month is Antennapedia, which literally means “antenna feet”.

07 July 2013

The way that we do sex - at least on a genetic level - isn’t the only way to do it. To find out more, I spoke to...

04 July 2013

Why do tumours become resistant to chemotherapy? New modelling research reveals ways to stop this from happening...

16 June 2013

How did multicellular life evolve? Ancient ancestors of ours, the choanoflagellates, might give us a clue...

11 April 2013

We visit the Malpa site in South Africa where fossils from some of our earliest human ancestors are found...

11 April 2013

We investigate one of the most significant fossil finds in Britain, a woolly rhino skeleton found in a Staffordshire...

21 February 2013

360 million years ago, the first four legged creatures moved onto land. Now researchers are rethinking what they might...

07 February 2013

Researchers have used genetics to answer questions about how dogs may have become domesticated

07 February 2013

Avian pox affects a number of bird species, but it was discovered in UK’s population of great tits in 2006...