16 May 2017

Is a cat really happy when it's 'got the cream'?

25 April 2017

How do some bacteria evade the stomach's defence mechanisms to cause trouble in the gut?

11 April 2017

Destroying the cells controlling the build-up of fat tissue causes mice to become obese with no change in diet.

07 March 2017

Eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables as opposed to 5 boosts life expectancy and reduces heart disease and cancer...

14 February 2017

Sequencing the genome of quinoa improves our understanding of why the plant is able to grow in such harsh conditions.

14 February 2017

Chocolate contains antioxidants but can we really call it a health food?

16 January 2017

Are antioxidants all they're cracked up to be?

10 January 2017

Who should benefit from advances in gene editing technology?

10 January 2017

What happens to rules about GM crops when the UK leaves the EU?

08 November 2016

Could the discovery of fire have been the cause of man's big brain?

24 October 2016

Do you reckon tomatoes are becoming less tasty? Science is on your side...

10 October 2016

It's the first time genes have been implicated in food preference.

27 September 2016

It's a weel know fact, sugar makes kids go round the bend. But is it really true?

08 August 2016

Vardhman Rakyan has discovered that chemical tags on repetitive genes known as rDNA could be bridging the gap between...

02 August 2016

A parasitic plant that devastates crops in some parts of the world may have now met its match thanks to the household...

02 August 2016

A new study shows how height has changed over the last hundred years.

12 July 2016

All plants use light to gain energy through photosynthesis but cyanobacteria does it that bit better...

27 June 2016

The physics behind a healthy chocolate ganache.

27 June 2016

More psychology tips for your dinner party, including why a hot bowl makes the world seem a better place...

27 June 2016

How do various flavours interact when you have a drink?

23 June 2016

Could Tim Peake's mission be responsible for rocketing the next generation to the Moon?

23 May 2016

Some plants can grow on salty soils, but most crops, like rice, can't. Can we use genetics to make salt-loving...

26 April 2016

If milk makes you unwell, is it actually the lactose you're intolerant to?

25 April 2016

If we're worried about carbon emissions of ships, shouldn't we just be hoisting the sails and returning to a...