24 April 2018

Can anyone learn to run a marathon?

17 April 2018

The Naked Scientists pop some bottles... All in the name of science!

17 April 2018

How do companies create the flavours we find in food?

17 April 2018

SPOILER: Taste maps are a lie!

19 February 2018

3 scientists, 3 mins, spaghetti and marshmallows.....

16 January 2018

Can the teams separate the truth from the lies in this fad quiz?

22 December 2017

Britons have bought 47-million bottles of gin this year, but how is it made?

22 December 2017

Why do sprouts look so weird? And why do people hate them so much?

22 December 2017

WARNING: Jelly babies and gingerbread men were harmed in the making of this programme.

21 December 2017

What food can be foraged in the local park?

28 November 2017

You are what you eat: can you eat your way to 100?

20 November 2017

Enjoy a glass of wine? So did our neolithic ancestors...

24 October 2017

Is there anything we can do to keep our skin healthy?

24 October 2017

How has landing space probes kept crisps fresh?

10 October 2017

Can you extract the DNA from a sausage?

10 October 2017

Doing exercise you don’t like makes you more likely to binge on junk food.

22 August 2017

We answer your questions on diet!

22 August 2017

Back in 2012 we reported on the first ever meat to be grown in the lab, but is this a palatable future for our food?

22 August 2017

Foraging can be a fun and sustainable way to source food, but you need to know your stuff. So what are the basics?

22 August 2017

How can we eat for the benefit of our health, and for the planet's health too?

16 May 2017

Is a cat really happy when it's 'got the cream'?

25 April 2017

How do some bacteria evade the stomach's defence mechanisms to cause trouble in the gut?

11 April 2017

Destroying the cells controlling the build-up of fat tissue causes mice to become obese with no change in diet.

07 March 2017

Eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables as opposed to 5 boosts life expectancy and reduces heart disease and cancer...