26 July 2016

What's happening inside the engine to keep your car moving?

26 July 2016

Is there any way to change the petrol fractions of crude oil so they can work in a diesel engine?

26 July 2016

What are biofuels made from and are they any better than fossil fuels?

26 July 2016

Natural gas vehicles are a cleaner alternative to petrol and diesel but the high pressures required to store the gas...

06 June 2016

How do you age the earth's magnetic field? By recreating the centre of the earth.

06 May 2016

When we flush the toilet, we are disgarding a valuable source of phosphorus. Could we use our poo as fertilister?

15 March 2016

Energy transportation is far from ideal and lots is lost along the way, how can a levitating superconductor help change...

02 November 2015

Just how safe is the air we breath? With a pollution montior, we hit the streets to see what we're inhaling and...

07 July 2015

Explosives have been used for over 1000 years, but what makes an explosive and how do they work?

02 March 2015

The discovery of Hydrogen paved the way for a better understanding of the elements that make up the Universe.

12 January 2015

There could be trouble ahead if we burn all our available fossil fuels, according to new research.

20 October 2014

Waste is contaminating the river Thames. To stop this, a new super sewer is being built, and there are plans to take...

01 October 2014

Plants are hugely efficient at creating energy from sunlight. Now researchers are trying to capture sunlight to make...

23 September 2014

Does fracking contaminate our water supplies? And if so, is this down to the process itself or simply poor workmanship?

19 May 2014

Joel Kostka investigated in how microorganisms played a role in cleaning up the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon Oil...

08 April 2014

How we can change the lithium ion batteries in your phone or laptop to make them hold more energy.

08 April 2014

What a battery is and how do they work?

24 December 2013

Tired of pathetic party poppers lacking propulsive power? We create a much better bang, using hydrogen...

11 September 2013

Escapes of methane from fracking sites could trigger substantial global warming, as methane is a greenhouse gas.

11 September 2013

Fracking has led to lower energy prices in the US, so could the UK see a similar trend?

25 April 2013

New biofuel from gut-bugs - Dr. Love discusses the potential of E. Coli as the next fuel generator.

14 February 2013

Some species of algae produce lipids which can be converted to biofuel. But how do we effectively extract them?

21 August 2012

Aman Dhir explains how his team are taking to the road to help people see the value of hydrogen transportation in their...

21 August 2012

Angela Murray explains how bacteria are being used to make catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells...