23 January 2018

... The biggest and most advanced telescope dish ever made.

23 January 2018

What instruments will be on board the James Webb Space Telescope?

23 January 2018

What are the challenges ahead of launch for JWST? Are astronomers ready?

23 January 2018

Imagine folding up a a giant telescope, like origami, squashing it into a rocket and blasting it one million miles into...

15 August 2017

A team at the University of Iowa are listening to the sounds of space ...

15 August 2017

Radio telescopes dotted across the globe have joined up to create the Event Horizon Telescope, which is the size of the...

14 August 2017

Only 5% of the universe is made up of physical matter, what else is out there?

02 January 2017

...and could it explain why we haven't found any evidence of life beyond Earth?

02 January 2017

Why do we enjoy conspiracy theories and where did they come from?

18 November 2016

How do you navigate an empty craft through millions of miles of space?

07 November 2016

Neil deGrasse Tyson takes us on a journey through the universe and questions what intelligence is...

25 October 2016

Astrophysicist Duncan Forgan describes it as the most exciting mission since Hubble; so what is it that sets Gaia apart...

25 October 2016

Where's it going? And what's it doing? Here's a whistlestop tour of the probe...

19 April 2016

The Japanese team have lost contact with the quarter of a billion dollar satellite but what happened?

08 February 2016

Recently, there has been growing excitement that Einstein's 'Gravitational Waves' might have been...

02 February 2016

We say goodbye to the lander that bounced its way to fame across the surface of comet 67P.

25 January 2016

Event horizons, singularities and time dilation: we get to the bottom of the weird physics of black holes.

25 January 2016

We can debate the matter endless within the realms of philosophy but what do current cosmological observations support?

19 January 2016

What caused the biggest explosion astronomers have ever seen? The evidence points to the cataclysmic death of a star.

21 December 2015

The Kuiper Belt is a cloud of dust that is home to Pluto, but what else do we know about it?

15 December 2015

Ceres strange white spots have been demystified this week and it might hold clues as to the asteroid's origins...

14 September 2015

Scientists are preparing to launch a helium balloon with a telescope attached to detect Dark Matter.