Games to look out for in 2021

What games should you look out for this year?
21 January 2021




Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner look at the best games that are coming out this year.

LM In January… Hitman 3 is coming out… where shockingly you’re a hitman…

CB My phone autocorrects the title of the game to “hotman” did you know that?

LM Wow

CB We’re reviewing that later this episode… on Feb 11th it’s your favourite Little Nightmares II, scary platformer… and by the way you can get a demo of it now on all platforms!

LM And one of your most anticipated remakes of the year… it’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, set for release on 18th March

CB I can’t wait for Pokemon Snap which is a Nintendo Switch Exclusive, where you take pictures of pokemon… maybe that guy from the news who got fined should play this one when it’s out on April 30th

LM There’s a cool first person shooter coming called Deathloop on 21st May which is a PS5 exclusive…

CB If you can get a PS5 before then… just one more to mention… on 22nd June Back 4 Blood is out… which is essentially 4 player co-op zombie-killing fun… think of it as the sequel of Left for Dead 2.


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