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21 January 2021


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Leigh is having a month off... so Chris Berrow takes over the gaming news!

Chris - Ghost of Tsushima was one of the biggest releases of last year… and fans of the game have been raising money… because back in September one of the Torii gates at the Watatsumi Shrine… which is on the actual island of Tsushima… was badly damaged during a typhoon. Thanks to fans of the game, they raised nearly £200,000 to restore the gate… that’s 5 times more money than they needed

KFC have announced a console that will play next generation games… and warm chicken! Lots of us thought the so-called KFConsole was a spoof when it was first announced… but apparently it is real, and it’s being made by a company called CoolerMaster. Here’s hoping they re-release the Playstation 1 classic game adaptation of the film… Chicken Run.

Nintendo have announced a new Mario-themed edition of the Nintendo Switch… which looks nice. The problem is that it’s basically just red and blue... so it could easily be Spider-man themed... or Sonic themed. It’s out in February though. If you have spare money.

And finally…

A man has been fined for breaking lockdown rules... after travelling 14 miles to play Pokemon Go. Yes really. He drove from Bedworth to look for pokemon in Kenilworth… both places in Warwickshire. He was fined £200 for "contravening the requirement to not leave or be outside the place [you] live without a reasonable excuse". Sometimes you don’t have to catch ‘em all.


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